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We are healthadvise! We care about our readers, and we’ve made it our life mission to ensure you are healthy. We cover everything from nutrition to general wellness. We help you adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Now, more than ever, our readers are looking for safe ways to lose weight. We cover everything there is about weight loss. We’ll advise on which products to go for and which ones to avoid. We even help our readers on what to pick when they walk into that grocery store.

We also help our readers build some extra muscles and strength. We educate readers on different supplements. We cover all about sarms and make it easier for readers to make informed decisions about which products to buy.

We understand that matters of health are crucial. So, we do everything we can to make sure every word we put out for our readers is accurate and updated. We go to the greatest lengths to conduct extensive research by reviewing materials from renowned sites, research institutions, study journals, and more.

We have a team of experts who double-check the facts to ensure accuracy. This team consists of Doctors, Dietitians, and more. They are all committed to seeing you lose weight, build muscles, and live a healthy life.

Meet our editors

Edie Reads


Edie is the Editor-In-Chief of Healthadvise. She oversees all the digital content for our site. She graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science.

Prior to joining Healthadvise, Edie worked for other leading online publications. She is also a fitness expert and a trainer in areas of fitness and weight loss.


Email: edie.m@healthadvise.org

Winnance Adera

Senior Editor

Winnance works with other team members, overseeing content planning, writing and proofing. Winnance is a weight loss and general wellness nerd. He holds a degree in Public health. Prior to working at Healthadvise, Winnance headed different community-based programs whose main focus was ensuring the healthy living of every member of the community.  

Email: winnanceadera@gmail.com