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Simply put, regularly takes advantage of the affiliate program by using affiliate links in order to generate revenue that helps it remain 100% to you.

The income generated from affiliate marketing goes a long way in funding the website operations and helping it live to its purpose and mission of helping you live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Every time you buy a product on while following an affiliate link posted on our website, we may receive a commission, but YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED EXTRA FOR THIS.

It is a win-win situation and this is how it works:

We strive to help you gain access to incredibly useful and life-changing products and health supplements, carefully selected by our team based on their quality and expected impact on your wellbeing and not sales commission. We, in turn, receive a commission for every purchase you make, which we re-invest in to build more resources and further our mission of helping you get the most out of life in line with your health goals.

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