Having an itchy and dry scalp, hair fall, or acne on your face? These are the everyday problems most people experience.

Solving these problems is essential. However, understanding the basics of the product to use is critical.

Ducray, a worldwide brand, provides solutions to hair, scalp, and skin problems. It has been in the market, serving people for more than ten decades.

But the question is, does Ducray work as people think?

Let’s look at the active ingredients, how it works, side effects, and more. Let’s find out if Ducray is worth the praise.

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What is Ducray?

Ducray is a hair, scalp, and skincare brand. It was established in 1930 by Albert Ducray. He was the son of a dermatologist.Ducray hair product

His father realized the poor quality of shampoo in the market at that time. After thorough research and analysis, he came up with a hairline shampoo. This product answered specific dermatological concerns.

Ducray stayed in the market for a couple of decades, restoring and preserving hair health and beauty. They later added a skincare line in 1985.

Ducray has ever since been in the market. They are offering over 60 hair, scalp, and skincare products globally.

How do Ducray products work?

Ducray products- shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and supplements work together to revitalize thinning hair and promote hair growth. Each product has a unique role in promoting and encouraging hair growth and volume.

1.    Ducray kelual ds shampoo

Kelual ds shampoo serves as a good cleansing product. It prepares the scalp for hair loss treatment.

The shampoo has active ingredients like Tocopherol Nicotinate, which protects the hair from free radicles. It is also enriched with vitamin B5, B6, and Biotin, which helps to strengthen thin, fine, and fragile hair.

Ducray kelual shampoo has a thick creamy consistency. Such acts as a good scalp massage cream that helps to ensure blood flows to the hair roots.

2.    Strengthening conditioner

Ducray conditioner is light in weight. And, its main work is to restore both vitality and strength of your hair follicle.

It hydrates and nourishes your hair. Its ability to be light promotes your fragile hair follicle not to break. Ducray hair conditioner promotes hair growth.

It’s ideal for anyone with thin hair concerns. Ducray conditioner also offers benefits to detangled and damaged hair.

Healthy hair3.    Ducray Lotion

Ducray keracnyl lotion is ideal for regaining your hair strength and density. It works with the help of creatine and tetratide. These are vitamins that help in strengthening and fortifying weak hair.

4.    Ducray Hair Supplements

Ducray has hair supplements that promote hair strength, density, volume, and growth. And since there are two main occasions you may have hair concerns, Ducary has two hair supplements to handle them.

Anacaps Reactiv food supplements for hair concerns caused by pregnancy, stress, fatigue, etc. And…

Anacaps Progressiv food supplements for hair concerns caused by chronic conditions such as hormones and vascular health condition.

These two supplements nourish your hair both from the inside and outside. They are made of iron, vitamins, and gluten-free, which provide the necessary nutrients for strong and healthy hair.

What are the active ingredients in Ducray products?

Ducray dermatological laboratories have delved deep into the vast knowledge of expert dermatologists who specialize in specific diseases.Ducray anti-hair loss lotion

Ducray, also known as kelul ds, involves patients to better their understanding. They also do so to highlight the needs of their customers.

Their R&D teams also provide innovative insights into the collection of active ingredients used in the manufacture of Ducray products.

The active ingredients used in the manufacture of Ducray products are:

  • Phenoxyethanol. It's naturally present in green tea and chicory. And due to its ability to act on bacteria and yeast, it's used as a preservative.
  • BHT, which acts as an anti-oxidant.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), used as a skin irritation test (note that Ducray does not use SLS as an ingredient on its own. It's used in minute amounts)
  • Allergens, which serve as aromatic compounds.'

Other ingredients include Potassium Butylparaben, sodium Butylparaben, propylparaben, sodium propylparaben, potassium propylparaben, and Butylparaben.

What Ducray has in store

Ducray's collaboration with pharmaceuticals and dermatologists have gone a long way in taking care of the customers' hair, scalp, and skin needs.

Ducray understands skin imperfections, which are a major concern to a lot of people. Such include acne, blackheads, pimples, repair for sterile cosmetics, and serum for mature skin.

To tackle these skin problems, Ducray has come up with a cleansing gel, an anti-spot care, a soothing treat, and a correction stick.

Common Ducray products

Ducray has also been able to provide an efficient and adaptive solution to body eczema. They have dexyane cream or balm, over greased cleansing gel, and anti-scratch emollients.

Their products offer an anti-irritation solution that allows the repair of the skin barrier and soothes delicate skins.

Ducray offers hair and scalp solutions. From dandruff to hair loss to thinning hair.

How to use Ducray products

1.    Face skincare products

The right way to apply Ducray skin products is to apply on clean, dry skin. These products can be used every day after the shower.

2.    Body skincare products

You should apply Ducray body products every day right after the shower on dry skin.

3.    Ducray hair products

For maximum hair and scalp benefit, use Ducray hair products at least 3 times a week.


  • Replenish dry, dull, brittle, and damaged hair while preventing hair from aging.
  • Soothes a dry, itchy and flaky scalp
  • Promotes strong and healthier hair to all thinning hair concerns
  • Ideal for oily skin and dark spots
  • Provide medical treatments against acne
  • Provides a rebalancing of sebum
  • Repair skin barriers and soothes fragile skin
  • Soothes irrational and itchy skin
  • Has over greased cleansing products that relieve very dry skin prone to atopy


  • There are no cons of Ducray products documented

Possible side effects of Ducray

In every product you buy, especially the ones you will have direct contact with, the number one thing you should note is the side effects.

If you realize there are possible side effects that may affect your health, you should consider exploring other options.

The good news is, Ducray products do not have any major side effects. They are all safe to use.

How to choose the best Ducray products

There is nothing as pleasing as seeing positive results for your long-time problem.

Being able to research a product is easy. However, how do you ensure you are choosing the best product that will serve the intended purpose?

Ducray ProductsIf you have a concern over your hair, the first step would be to identify the problem. Is your thinning? Is it falling out? Do you have dandruff? Is your scalp dry? Is your hair not growing as it should?

After identifying your problem, you will then be able to choose what will work out for you.

Note that all Ducray products have names and tags that state what the product does. This makes it super easy for you to choose the best product that will treat your concerns.

If you need a facial skin product or a body care product, you should use the same process to choose the best Ducrsy product.


Taking care of our skin, hair, and body is essential.

Do you have dandruff, acne, an irrational/itchy skin, or any other skin issue? Have you tried Ducray products? If not, then you should.

Ducray is a brand that solves your hair, skin, and hair problems.

There you have it!


Do Ducray products work?

Yes. According to Amazon, out of 51 reviews done on Ducray hair conditioner, 76% believe the product should be rated 5/5. In another study by Amazon, out of 315 buyers, 78% believe Ducray hair shampoo should be rated 5/5. Most of the reviews expressed gratitude towards Ducray for helping them achieve their desired goals.

Where can I buy Ducray Products?

All Ducray products are available online. You also can get them n your local store.

What happens when I use anaphase shampoo every day?

When you use anaphase shampoo daily, no side effects will develop. Instead, you will be supplying your hair with the needed nutrients to provide a nourished and healthy scalp. Further, you'll be strengthening your hair follicle at the same time. However, using anaphase shampoo 3 times a week for an average of 5 minutes is enough to get you your desired results.

Which is the best Ducray product?

The best Ducray product is the one that serves your problems. Therefore, if your concern is hair fall due to chronic condition, then anaphase progressive for hair loss is the best Ducray product. If your hair is weak, then the Ducray anaphase strengthening conditioner is the best product for you.

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