It is without a doubt that Monat products have tremendously taken the world by storm since its invention.

The company’s slogan and objective is simple: To help people enjoy healthy, beautiful, and fulfilling lives through plant-based products.

However, before you try out any products, it is vital to know what you’re getting yourself into.

In this review, we shall discuss everything you need to know about Monat and whether its products are safe.  Read on.

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What are Monat Products?

Monat goes by many names, including Modern nature, global multilevel-marketing company, and cruelty-free plant-based products producer.

Founded in 2014, Monat manufactures three primary botanical remedies: skincare, pets hygienic, and hair care remedies.

As such, Monat strives to sell safe and natural products that boost hair growth and vitality as well as glowing skins.

More importantly, Monat offers job opportunities to many through the Monat marketing partnership program, which is eligible for independent marketers.

 How do Monat products work?

As mentioned, Monat produces three main products, meaning, their effectiveness can be combined or work separately.

Monat productsAs such, Monat hair products help increase hair density, manageability, and strength. Therefore using Monat volumizing conditioner, for example, gives you elegant and limp hair as it penetrates and nurtures your scalp while boosting natural growth.

Consequently, Monat shampoos aid in improving follicle strength and reduce hair thinning.

Moreover, the products come with antioxidants properties that help in skin repairing.

By their antioxidants mechanism, they reduce skin inflammation, which allows your skin to heal from skin patches and scars, thus correcting visible skin damages into shiny, smooth, and glowing new complexions.

By mimicking vitamin C’s actions, Monat products stimulate the production of collagen hormone, which is considered an anti-aging hormone that doesn’t only help you look but also feel young because of your shiny skin.

Even better, Monat gentle cleaning pet wash works gently and thoroughly cleaning grime and dirt of all kinds. The pet oil simultaneously softens coat hairs leaving them silky, smooth, and cuddle-ready.

Why should I use Monat products?

There are many reasons you should use Monat Products; however, the following are the top reasons others use Monat products and why you should consider using them too:

First, Monat came to lights a renowned company because of its science behind its products that other companies can’t claim or use for their products and as such, using Monat products offers you the following:

i) Radiantly beautiful skins

using Monat productsMonat skin products optimize skin elasticity and texture while minimizing appearances of fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles, thus offering you a complete solution that inspires confidence at any age.

Applying these products on your skin with ordinary brushes can prove hectic and time-consuming. Clarisonic Mia 3 can help correct that. You can read all about it in this post.

ii) Shiny and naturally beautiful hair

When using Monat shampoos, damaging hair chemicals like silicones are broken down and rinsed off your scalp, making your hair regain its shiny natural state.

Consequently, Monat shampoos don’t cause hair breakages, loss, and damages. In the event of using Monat skin or hair products on your pet, expect natural grooming as well as shiny and cuddle-easy coat hairs.

iii) Alleviates dehydration

Most skin products dehydrate your skin, causing skin patches and hair dandruff. Monat skin products, on the other hand, diminish skin dehydration leading to a smooth and youthful look, thus preventing skin damages and wrinkles.

Top Monat Products

So far, you already know what Monat is all about, how its products work, and why you should use them. Let’s now look at the Monat top picks, their work, and their benefits into details:

Revive Shampoo

This is Monat’s first top picks; it’s a volume shampoo that is universally used and has been liked by many. If you’ve not used any Monat product, start with this.

The first thing about using Monat Revive shampoo is the detox- which is the shampoo’s ingredient that works to eliminate toxins from your skin and hair. In the beginning, your hair will feel horrifically bad; well, don’t worry because the magic follows when you put the conditioner.

Again, when you’re out of the shower, you may not like your hair instantly, still, don’t stop the process. Brush your hair and leave it to dry. Once your hair is dried, Monat revive shampoo will give your hair light and shiny look that’s hard to get from other products.

Renew Shampoo

Second, in your list of Monat top pick is Renew Shampoo. Well, after you’ve clarified your hair with reviving shampoo, your next wash will be with renewing shampoo. Adding renew shampoo will help you get into a routine of healthy and excellent looking hair to another level.

Intense Repair Conditioner

As mentioned above, this Monat Pick is going to help your hair thickened immensely. You only need a small amount of intense repair conditioner, and your hair will comb through like a champ!

REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive

Next up, you’re going to need something else to help reduce and remove chemicals that reduce your hair ability to grow as well as cause damages like dandruff; this is precisely where rejuvenique oil intensive comes in.

Still, you don’t need much of Monat rejuvenique oil intensive because a single bottle will last for a year because of the size and the smaller amount needed to keep your hair glowing.

Blow Dry cream

This is Monat’s styling top picks you don’t want to miss. This is because it comes with an excellent blow-drying ability that gives you long-lasting hair protection than ever.

Even better, a single bottle is all you need for your hair that will go a long way with you- precisely six months.

Possible downsides of Monat products

As the adage goes, “anything good has its downsides” this is true to Monat products as well. Here are their possible downsides;


Previous users of the products report cases of itching and skin irritations. Sometimes itching may be distributed throughout the body or on the scalp. Often, Monat skincare products may cause itching or cause rashes and hives.

itchy skinTo avoid itching, use a small amount of the product on a small area and wait if it causes itching before applying it throughout your body.

Sores and cystic acne

This is one of the severe downsides of using Monat products.  Cystic acne is when your skin or hair products lead to significant, red, and painfully breakouts on your skin.

Skin with acneCystic acne usually starts like pimples, a red flag indicating your skin cream or shampoo is blocking and clogging your pores. These effects occur due to the following reasons:

One, your skin may be altogether not in good terms with all the ingredients of the product. When this is the case, the best option is to stop using the product.

Two, you may have used more than the directed amount. To avoid this, check the recommended amount to use instead of applying a significant amount in the hope of faster results.

Is Monat a pyramid scheme?

Yes. And unlike other beauty products companies that sell in box stores and salons, Monat works in a Multi-level marketing scheme wherein they actively recruit marketers for their goods.

Once you become a Monat marketer, your earnings come from the Monat compensation plan, which works like most companies’ typical marketing commission plan.

How does the Monat Compensation Plan work?

In their compensation plan, Monat usually pools out 1% of sales above $75M of their quarterly sales in the U.S and Canada, which are their most significant selling avenues.

The pooled amount is then paid in a quarterly compensation plan during the company’s first month of their following quarter to Monat partners, who are typically retailers and distributors of their products.


As you can imagine, Monat is changing lives by delivering top-notch skin, hair, and pets’ products that are flooding the market as well as offering working opportunities to many.

Before using these products or working with the company as a marketer, it is wise to know everything about the brand, which is why this guide is here to help.


Who should use Monat products?

Anyone interested in longer, healthier, and shiny hair as well as glowing skin.

Do Monat products work?

Yes, dozens of previous users swear about their excellent results.

Is Monat approved by the FDA?

No, because it's a cosmetic company, and the FDA doesn't regulate these companies, the FDA only approves its products’ ingredients.

What does Monat do to your hair?

There are two possible results: if your body isn't allergic to Monat’s hair products, you'll enjoy longer, healthier, and smooth hair. If you're allergic, you may notice hair falling and irritation.

For how long should I wait to see results when using Monat products?

Usually, results appear in about 1-4 weeks. Significant results are evident within 90 days. This is because hair follicles take relatively longer to grow.

Where can I buy Monat products?

You can buy Monat products from their three retail selling programs:

A one-time fee of $19.99,

Commitment purchase of two orders-$84

Free only for you option this is on flex ship orders that come on different prices

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