They say there is beauty in the sea. And indeed there is. The vast waters of the world’s seas have more than just scenic beauty to offer.

In this article, we introduce you to Phytomer Skincare products. A line of products developed solely from marine botanicals.

We also tell you what sets them apart from similar products like Mary Cohr, Decleor, Astara, and Yonka.


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What is Phytomer?

Phytomer is a brand of skincare products developed by France-based Phytomer Corporation. The Phytomer product line includes creams, cleansers, sun care, and spa care products.

No, gentlemen, you are not left out. It also includes several products specifically designed for men.

Corporation’s name aside, Phytomer is an English word.  It is the term used to refer to functional units of a plant that are continually produced by root and shoot meristems. Phytomers are produced throughout a plant’s vegetative life-cycle.

In a nutshell, phytomers are responsible for the natural growth process in plants.

How do Phytomer Products Work?

What sets Phytomer apart from the millions of other cosmetic product prodphytomerucers in the world? The answer is the sea.

All Phytomer products contain active ingredients drawn from the sea.

At the heart of the corporation is a team of research scientists studying marine micro-organisms such as algae and plants. Those found to have high skincare potential are then used to develop skincare products.


The fundamental concept at work here is that of biomimicry. It does sound like a complex scientific term but is actually quite simple.

Biomimicry, (literally translated as ‘imitation of the living’), is a process where natural selection solutions in plants or animals are observed closely. Lessons learned are then used as inspiration to engineer solutions to human problems.

A few other applications of biomimicry include:

  • Climbing pads strong enough to support an adult’s weight. These mimic the natural biomechanics of a gecko’s feet.
  • The concept of Velcro is based on hooks of some plants which attach to animals’ coats. The purpose being propagation of their seeds.
  • The world-famous Japanese Bullet train. Its aerodynamic shape draws its inspiration from a bird’s beak.

In this case, it is used to address skin concerns.

The last 40 years have seen Phytomer Research and Development teams identify the most active marine ingredients. Such came from different waters of the world. From these, they have developed products to meet an array of skincare challenges.

What are the Active Ingredients in Phytomer Products?

Phytomer productsSo what exactly is it in seaweed or that strange-looking algae that Phytomer scientists look for? What is it in marine plants that eventually end up forming such a valuable part of your skincare arsenal?

Phytomer has a collection of more than 30 active ingredients.  These act as primary components in their products. These are a few of them;

Armeria Maritima: This is a pink-flowered seaside plant that traces its roots from the coasts of the English Channel and parts of France. It is adapted to survive in the industrial wasteland (containing heavy metals). This is why its extract is ideal for purifying facial treatments.

Armeria Maritima is an active ingredient in Souffle Marin Energizing Serum.

Marine Mattifier: This is a high-tech marine sugar that helps correct blemishes. Mattifier deposits a natural film on the skin surface, which traps sebum. It also penetrates lower layers of the skin to prevent inflammation.

This is the ingredient behind Acnipur Blemish Solution Fluid.

Éternelle Marine is an extract from blue micro-alga. It has an advanced photoprotection mechanism developed as an adaptation to extreme weather. This is the active ingredient used to make anti-aging products like Sunactive Protective Sunscreen.

Hydrafusion is a high-tech concentrate extracted from red alga in Scandanavian waters. Scientists found Hydrafusion to be effective (more effective than hyaluronic acid) in plumping skin with moisture. It is what is used in Hydrasea Night Plumping Rich Cream.

Pheohydrane. This ingredient comes from brown algae called Laminaria Digitata.  It comes from the North Atlantic and some African coasts. Phytomer researchers discovered that the algae’s outer skin is very similar to our skin.

Extracts from this algae’s skin help to restructure the skin and improve moisture retention. Pheohydrane is the active ingredient in Oligomer Moisturizing Body Cream.

Why Phytomer stands out

To understand what makes Phytomer products so unique, let’s take a look at other similar products and the thought processes behind them.

Decleor Skincare, for instance, focuses primarily on the use of essential oils from plants like lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Decleor – Paris works with toxicologists to ensure their products are ideal for people with allergies.

Yonka Skincare also focuses on essential oils. They also include plant and fruit extracts. Not forgotten is the need for products to be sweet-smelling. June Jacobs uses plant extracts, like pumpkin, papaya, and pomegranate.

Mary Cohr products are much like Yonka in terms of extracts used. The outstanding difference in Mary Cohr is that treatments are paraben-free, GMO-free, and include only skin-compatible scents. June Jacobs also advocates for paraben-free treatments.

What perhaps comes closest to Phytomer products are Astara Skincare products. These contain plants as well as sea extracts. Astara Skincare, however, emphasizes on raw, unprocessed ingredients.

They say raw ingredients are the richest sources of oxygen, enzymes, vitamins, chlorophyll, and essential fatty acids.

Other brands like Karin Herzog work by infusing oxygen into the skin. Cellex C is the name behind the popularization of topical ascorbic acid in the skincare industry. Hormeta emphasizes your skin’s need for trace elements like iron, zinc, manganese, and magnesium.

Karin Herzog is specifically designed for adolescents and acne-prone skin.

What are the Benefits of Phytomer Products?

phytomerThe sea is full of endless virtues for the entire body, including the skin.

Using marine cosmetics ensures all active ingredients are natural. That significantly reduces the chances of allergic reactions.

You are sure your skin is in safe hands. All their products are developed based on tens of years of scientific research.

It also helps to know that Phytomer products not only infuse nutrients, as is the case with Cellex C and Hormeta. It is based on practical wisdom from Mother Nature. She is never wrong.


What are the Possible Side Effects of Phytomer?

According to a report by Beyond Pesticides, two Phytomer products (Hydracontinue Moisture Cream and Perfect Visage Gentle Cleansing Milk) contain Tricoslan.

This is an artificial antifungal and antibacterial agent used in cosmetic products. Its unique characteristics have made it a concern for doctors.

Studies have shown that Tricoslan could interfere with the metabolism of thyroid hormones and could be an endocrine disruptor.  Such disruptions could cause tumors and congenital disabilities.

Environmentalists have also taken issue with Tricolslan. One of its unique characteristics is that it doesn’t break down or dissolve easily. When you wash your face with products containing Tricoslan, it goes down the drains and winds up in our water supplies, watersheds, and oceans.

It is comforting to know that only two Phytomer products proved to contain Tricoslan. This leaves tens of other products unquestionably safe for you and the environment.

Phytomer Spas

There is more to Phytomer than quality skincare. It is also about spa treatments that come with exceptional relaxation.

The company partners with about 10,000 spas and salons around the world. They do so to provide professional spa treatments. These include spas and salons in 5-star hotels in more than 80 cities around the globe.

Where brands like Glyderm recommend a physician’s advice before and during use, Phytomer uses their spas. When you visit a Phytomer partner spa, you get facials, massages, and treatments using products from Phytomer’s spa treatment line.

Further, you have access to personalized advice from licensed beauty professionals. An understanding of marine active ingredients enables them to give you an individualized evaluation of your skin care needs.

Search here to find a Phytomer partner spa in just about any part of the world.


With names like Mary Cohr, Decleor, and Yonka in the market, there is certainly no shortage of skin care product lines. Most contain natural ingredients. A smaller selection like Astara utilizes a combination of marine and other ingredients.

Phytomer’s two distinguishing characteristics are that 100% of their active ingredients come from the sea. Even more importantly, they have Mother Nature as their Chief Consultant.

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How should you use Phytomer?

Phytomer products are topical skin products. Techniques of application differ depending on the purpose of the specific product. Cleanser use, for instance, is different from mask use. It will be better to use products like Glyderm under a physician’s instruction. Phytomer doesn’t require professional medical supervision. You can get advice from professionals at Phytomer spas.

Who should use Phytomer products?

Anyone can use Phytomer products. The wide range includes products to address a variety of skin concerns.

Where can I buy Phytomer products?

Phytomer works with distributors and resellers in different parts of the world. Enter your location here to find a store near you.

How much are Phytomer products?

Phytomer offers a wide range of products at varying prices. You can spend anything between $37 for Cleansing Gel and $261 for Perfection Youth Cream.

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