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13 Best Weight Loss Machines You Should Try

Best Weight Loss Machines

Here’s the thing: weight loss machines can make your weight loss journey bearable, and more fruitful. Okay, don’t give me that look, yet.

The mention of weight loss equipment brings a gym or training center to mind. The only problem is; you hardly have time for the gym. Or, you need a little motivation to use your membership. Here’s the way out: you can bring these machines home and save yourself the hassle of going to the gym.

What Are Weight Loss Machines?

Weight loss machines will take care of your weight loss needs by making the process faster, less strenuous, and successful. The best weight loss workout machines are easy to transport and take little space – just in case you were worried about the small space in your apartment.

Most weight loss exercise machines support more than one type of workout. So, you won’t have to break your piggy bank trying to buy different machines for all your workout needs. Let’s keep it at one, but with many uses.

Hear this out: most of these machines are super-easy to install. Just a few nuts, and you’re all set. And, more; most of the current weight loss machines have modern additions like Bluetooth to make your experience worthwhile.

What Are the Best Weight Loss Machines?

Time to get one? Let’s get down to it.

1. Treadmills

Yes- you guessed right. Treadmills are topping our list of the best machines for home workouts. Here’s a chance to burn more calories than ever in a single workout session.

Treadmills work by stimulating real-life movements through walking or running. Because you have to bear the load of your weight and keep up with the speed of the equipment, you’ll give your body the push it needs to get started.

Alternatively, you can start with slower speeds then adjust periodically. Either way, you’ll still be burning calories and pushing your body to use the fat for energy instead of the usual carbohydrates.

While they may not be the most compact equipment, they’ll sure fit in your small space. Who said working out has to be all boring? You can jog, sprint, and lift legs. Do you love squatting? You can do that too.

Exercise caution, though. Be careful not to fall or other accidents. Exercise such safety measures as holding the handles, so you don’t lose balance.


  • You can multitask while on the treadmill
  • Burns more calories
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up


  • Can prove pricey
  • The routine can get boring for some

2. Stationary Bike

In for a ride? Let’s get down to it. Though nothing beats the experience of outdoor cycling and the fresh air, the stationary bike gives you a near feel. Here’s a chance to ride, burn calories without actually moving. This will incorporate the cardiovascular exercise to your workout sessions.

Just getting started with home workouts? Recovering from an injury? Try some stationary bike. On a budget? The stationary bike will cost you much less than a treadmill. The bike comes with interval workout routines best for the knees, legs, and lower back.

So, here’s the thing: the bike allows you to adjust the saddle, peddles, and other parts till it’s comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the greater your riding experience, and the more kilos you’ll shade.

In for a challenge? Step on the pedals harder. Make it intense, and then follow it with periodic short rests. Do this for the next couple of days and watch yourself lose even more.


  • Cheaper than treadmills
  • Can prove fun and challenging
  • You can shade more calories
  • You can adjust it to more comfortable positions


  • Can prove boring if you are not a biking fun

3. Rowing Machine

Here’s something for the old folks, a rowing machine is an excellent addition to your home gym. Here’s a chance to enjoy your workout without any strains on your back, joints, or muscles. Yes – you heard that right. And, what’s more, you can do all that while sitting down.

The rowing machine lets you build your muscles and strengthen the cardiovascular functions to boost your stamina. Depending on your weight, the machine lets you burn more calories in minutes. Be regular at this and see the magic in your calorie balance.

Before you raise your eyebrows, get this: the comfortable seat and unique handles allow you to hit new levels of intensity and workouts duration. The rowing machine spreads the load evenly to your body, leaving you with no choice but to go hard. Yes – you’ll burn more calories and get the muscles heavier.


  • Exercise the upper and lower body
  • Burns more calories
  • Higher chances of weight loss


  • Fatigue if you do it faster

4. Step Mill

Still in love with escalators? Here’s a chance to bring one home, right to your gym. Just like a treadmill, step mill works by stimulating your movements. You’ll be walking, more of climbing the stairs, faster though.

A step mill is one of the toughest weight loss shaking machines. However, it’s worth every effort, given the impressive results.

This weight loss slimming machine is among the highest calorie burners. Why? You get to climb something similar to 20 stairlifts, and you do it against gravity, so you bear all the body weight. It wasn’t going to be all merry, right?

Unlike elliptical trainer where you stay stationary, here you have to keep moving to the next step. Those movements equal more calories burned. You’ll strengthen your lower body more. You can tell by the burning sensation you’ll feel on the hamstrings, butt, and squats after a workout session.

Climb it in a proper posture and see your core working to keep you balanced and upright. As you spend more energy and develop bigger muscles in your legs, you increase your Basal Metabolic Rate hence burning more calories.


  • Burns more calories
  • Strengthens the lower body
  • Takes up a lesser space


  • The exercises could prove tough

5. Fan Bike

Also called Assault Air, the Fan Bike is yet another challenging weight loss machine for home workouts. Fan bike works by letting you move your arms and legs while peddling, hence spending more energy and burning more calories. And, you want that for your weight loss.

The bike takes advantage of the wind resistance mechanism to have you work out harder, just like a rowing machine. The more the peddling, the more challenging it gets.

Because the machine is intense, it would be better to start with shorter workout sessions followed by longer sessions of rest. You can gradually increase the sessions as you advance. The ratio of work to rest should keep decreasing with time.

The best thing is, the front part of the bike is a big fan. So, the harder you pedal, the more the cooling effect on your body. Cool, right? Literally.


  • Burns calories faster
  • Perfect for fat-blasting training
  • Low impact


  • Might prove intense

6. Elliptical Machines

This is one of the best machines for weight loss. The elliptical machine activates the lower body major muscles like calves and thighs. Use this equipment properly to engage your core and fully work out your body.

If you don’t want to go too hard on yourself, then this equipment is for you. Elliptical machines let you have a fluid and smooth workout session, so you don’t exert any pressure on the knees, and ankles.

The equipment allows you to adjust its resistance settings and access more challenging workouts. This way, you’ll burn more calories hence maximum muscle mass and weight loss.

The elliptical machine lets you burn up to 13 calories per minute. For better results, improve the intensity of your workout by pumping your hands like you’re running instead of holding the handles. This will also improve your balance.

Keep alternating between the machine’s lower and higher resistance levels to utilize a higher percentage of your body effort.


  • Faster weight loss
  • Burns more calories
  • Good for beginners
  • Can multitask while using


  • Can prove tedious
  • You can multitask while using it

7. Gym Ball

Want to take it slow on your body while still losing weight? The gym ball works magic on your body by exerting just a little pressure on it. Finally, you can work out for your abdomen and back. You also get to stretch your body comfortably.

So here’s the catch; with the gym ball, you get to work out unnecessary sprains and jerks because of the protection you get from its cushiony support.

This is one of the weight loss machines for ladies that is easy to use, move, and highly productive in your weight loss journey. And yes – you won’t need to run those extra miles to the gym again.


  • Easy to use
  • Pocket friendly
  • Effective for weight loss
  • Perfect for the back, abdomen and whole-body stretch


  • Not ideal for short-term weight loss

8. Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibration machine is one of the best weight loss machines in the gym. Vibrating machines for weight loss focus on eliminating cellulite from the body hence causing weight loss. You choose to either sit or lie on the machine. As it vibrates, energy is transmitted to your body, making the muscles contract and relax multiple times. It all feels like you’re doing it yourself.

A 15-minute session daily, three times a week, can help you attain your fitness goals and general wellness. Here’s a chance to burn fat, enhance flexibility and blood flow, build strength, and reduce muscle injury after exercise. Stressed out? The vibration machine also helps decrease cortisol – the stress hormone.

The vibration will trick your boy that you’re falling to activate rapid muscle contractions hence the numerous health benefits. The equipment is also associated with enhanced metabolism, which helps with fast fat-torching.


  • Helps to burn fat fast
  • Could help you lose weight fast
  • Less strenuous


  • Could prove costly

9. Cross Trainer

The cross trainer is one of the best weight loss cardio machines that not only help with burning calories and fats but general body health too. The equipment has earned its place in the weight loss gyms, and it would be an excellent addition to your home workout too.

Back to fat loss, this machine allows High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which a game-changer to fat-torching and weight loss. HIIT involves going hard for a longer session, followed by a short session of rest. Repeating this approach in workouts helps your body to burn fat faster.

For a productive weight loss journey, you already know that burning calories is critical. There’s more. You should create a daily calorie deficit, so you burn stored energy instead of saving more, or burning the daily consumption.

As you work on your diet to regulate your calorie intake, ensure you keep at optimum, so you don’t fall to starvation which slows down fat loss. Those cross trainer workouts will also help you boost your strength, endurance, and improve the health of your heart and lungs.


  • Helps burn more calories
  • Improved fat lose
  • Prevents the risk of training too hard
  • Exercises both lower and upper body


  • Might prove costly

10.  Morning Walker

Can’t get out for a walk? That shouldn’t be a problem anymore. This weight loss exercise machine is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. The equipment is super easy to use and doesn’t strain your body like normal walks would.

The morning walker lets you do up to 10,000 steps in under 15 minutes. This is enough to burn a lot of calories, up to 150 calories a day, perhaps enough for the day.

Apart from weight loss, the morning walker also helps strengthen the spinal column by strengthening the muscles around the spine. Yes, no more costly visits to the chiropractor. Using the morning walker two to three times a day will yield impressive results in the shortest time.


  • Compact, easy to move around with
  • Efficient in burning more calories
  • Easy to use
  • Strengthens the spinal column
  • Increased breathing capacity


  • Doesn’t support multiple workouts

11.  The Stepper Machine

The stepper is yet another weight loss slimming machine that is common in gyms and home workout space. The stepper machine focuses on your legs and abs. So, if you’ve been thinking of how you’ll get rid of your pot belly, this could be the answer to your prayers.

This equipment works by burning calories while giving the upper body the strength it needs hence losing weight. What’s more: it’s easy to use, and you can easily move around with it.


  • Compact, easy to move around with
  • Aids weight loss
  • Easy to set-up


  • Has limited functions

12.  Ab Roller

An Ab roller is a simple weight loss machine with two handles connected to a wheel.

When you use it appropriately, it helps you build strong abs, triceps, and core. You also build abdominal muscles. Couple this with other calorie-torching activities and you’ll have that dream body you see on TV, without stepping into the gym.

The belly fat usually is stubborn. However, the ab roller will sure make the experience bearable.


  • Helps burn stubborn belly fat
  • Can help burn calories


  • Might prove strenuous

13. Inversion Table

The inversion table is also one of the best machines for weight loss that you can use at home. The equipment resembles a seesaw. To use it, you just have to lie on the inversion table and let it work its magic on your body. Because the whole body is on the table, it doesn’t leave out any part.

The machine works by reducing cellulite hence maximum weight loss.


  • Helps with weight loss
  • Works on the entire body


  • Not effective for short-term weight loss

How Do I Pick the Best Weight Loss Machine for Me?

With just your body, you can set out for a successful weight loss program. But, why opt for the long way when there’s a shortcut you can use? The weight loss industry has enjoyed massive success for the longest time, thanks to the existence of some of the best weight loss workout machines.

Before opting for one, please note that it’s critical that you learn to use equipment first, preferably under the guidance of a professional. To get the most of your equipment, it would be wise to use it regularly. Consider the following when choosing the best weight loss cardio machine for you;

  • Treadmills: Go for treadmills with a strong motor; these are durable. Ensure the belt is longer and wider, and that it has sturdy frames and emergency stop for extra safety.
  • Rowing machines: Go for ones with pulleys instead of pistons for the best rowing experience.
  • Stair-steppers: Go for ones with; large stairs, handrails, and with independent foot action.
  • Stationary Bike: Comfort is crucial here. Go for a model with comfortable and adjustable seats, and toe clips. The cushioned seat will make your experience worthwhile.
  • Elliptical trainer: Comfort and safety are crucial here. Go for one with non-slip pedals and handlebars.
  • Rowing machines: Go for ones with pulleys instead of pedals for a thrilling rowing experience.

These tips apply to other weight loss machines too. In a nutshell, prioritize safety, comfort, and versatility to get the best out of your weight loss shaking machine.


Weight loss machines are a critical addition to your weight loss journey. They not only help with weight loss but respiratory and cardio health and ultimate general health wellness.

You can get some of the best weight loss machines in the gym. However, bringing these machines home could make your work easier. You can also improve your productivity and save on costs too.

That said, the machine you choose to go with depends on your personal preference. Regardless of which, ensure what you carry home is efficient and highly effective, one that’ll make you look forward to your workout sessions.

Do you prefer treadmills? Awesome. Rowers? No problem. Whatever it is, prioritize safety and comfort. Also, ensure your choice aligns with your weight loss goals. It’s also crucial to seek your doctor’s advice on the best option. Go on, get yourself one.

Weight Loss Machines FAQ

Still stuck? Need some clarification? We’ve singled out some of the typical client questions and given expert answers. Take a look;

Do weight loss machines work?

Yes – a great deal. However, to achieve maximum weight loss, you have to work out regularly. Weight loss machines help by;

  • Enhancing metabolism: Weight loss machines helps the body to burn more calories and fat. This happens when you actively workout through rapid body movements like running.
  • Building Muscle mass: most of the activities of these workout machines will develop your muscles in the shortest time. An improved muscle mass enhances the rate of metabolism, hence maximum calorie-torching.
  • Increasing the Basal Metabolic Rate: The increase in the size of the muscles creates the need for more energy to maintain them. In turn, you’ll have to burn more calories to supply them with the energy hence weight loss.
  • Removal of cellulite: Most of these machines focus on the removal of cellulite – dimpled-looking skin that occurs mostly on the thighs when fatty tissues deep inside the skin push against connective tissues. Upon elimination, the fats are also eliminated hence weight loss.
  • Cardiovascular workout: These machines also help keep your heart in good condition. When the heart beats faster, more energy is required. To successfully supply this energy, more calories are burned hence weight loss.

How much do weight loss machines cost?

Different machines have different price tags. While the likes of treadmills, stationary bikes, and rowing machines could cost a fortune, others like gym ball could prove cheaper.

The price depends on the effectiveness, ease of use, and the benefits it comes with. The price is also different depending on where you purchase it. It could be cheaper on the machine’s official store.

Who should buy and use weight loss machines?

  • Anybody looking to lose weight can buy weight loss machines
  • Doctor’s Recommendation: A doctor can recommend a specific exercise depending on your medical condition, hence the need to buy equipment.
  • Everybody working from home: If you prefer turning your house or office into a gym, then you might feel the need to get yourself a weight loss equipment.
  • People looking to save cost: Gym memberships could prove expensive. Getting equipment can save you some bucks.

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