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Anacaps—The Best Food Supplement For Fortifying Your Hair and Nails

Our hair and nails are subject to different external elements that build up to weaken hair and nails. When sulfur amino acids that form keratin protein reduce, your hair becomes weaker and thinner. Keratin protein is an essential structure that facilitates the hair bulb and the nail matrix to regain strength and vitality.

Cystine and Methionine increase the hair and nail resistance as they enhance growth. Iron is also an essential element that activates the multiplication of follicular cells, hence reducing the hair loss. Anacaps is, therefore, the best for your hair and nails, and here is more information about that food supplement.

What are Anacaps?

Anacaps is a food supplement that is essential in nourishing and fortifying hair and nails. This food supplement is a product of Ducray Laboratories Dermatologiques who show dedication to skin and hair care since 1930. Some types of Anacaps include Anacaps reactiv and Anacaps triactiv.

Ducray Anacaps 3 Reactiv is a food supplement best for acute hair and nail conditions. The Anacaps 3 reactiv protects your hair against harmful elements that weaken the hair; it activates quality growth and strengthens the nails.

On the other hand, Anacaps 3 triactiv is a food supplement that is best in preventing hair loss. The Anacaps 3 triactiv contains sulfur amino acids that form keratin, vitamin B complex, and iron that facilitate the reduction in hair loss.

How Do Anacaps Work?

Anacaps should be used together with food for an excellent outcome in hair and nails nourishment. One should consume one capsule per day with water. This food supplement gets often referred to as Ducray Anacaps 3 * 30, which means for each treatment lasting for three months, one should take 90 capsules of Anacaps.

Anacaps food supplement should not be used in place of a  balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended time of use to get better results is about three months.

Anacaps food supplements can also get used together with other products for excellent results. One product that can be used together with Anacaps is Ducray Kelual DS. Ducray Kelual is a treatment shampoo that does away with dandruff, and it has long-lasting results.

Kelual DS shampoo soothes the scalp, calms discomfort, and itching due to the loss of dandruff. This treatment shampoo also prevents dandruff recurrence. Clinical studies recommend 100% calming of redness and 94% soothing of skin when one uses Ducray Kelual shampoo.

To apply Kelual DS shampoo, lather and massage into the scalp and then rinse. Reapply and leave for 3 minutes and then rinse. For the maintenance phase, use Kelual DS once a week, and for the intensive treatment phase, use three times per week for two weeks.

Another Ducray product used for hair care is Ducray Anaphase. The Ducray Anaphase is an anti-hair loss complement shampoo. This complement shampoo reduces the loss of hair and enhances the strengthening effect of other nutritional supplements such as Anacaps food supplement.

Ducray Anaphase offers excellent tolerance to your hair. This complement shampoo can be used as frequently as possible, taking into consideration that it has good tolerance.

Many people who use Anacaps food supplement also use other body care products for their well being. Bepanthene is one of a body care product that is widely known. Bepanthene is a skincare product that has over 70 years in the market. This skincare product contains provitamin B5, which is also widely known as skin vitamin.

Provitamin B5 in Bepanthene helps to maintain healthy skin and plays a part in the natural recovery of the skin. Bepanthene is an excellent product for keeping skin hydrated, smooth, and soft.

Another excellent body care product is Anacas 3, which is a slimming product for burning fats. Anacas 3 is available both in gel form and tablets form. This fat burning product contains three effective slimming ingredients.

One ingredient contained in Anacas 3 is the barbary fig tree. Barbary fig tree reduces one’s appetite and absorbs fats and sugar. This type of fig tree also regulates the rate of glucose and helps decrease calorie intake.

Another ingredient available in Anacas 3 is the Artichoke leaf. This leaf contains a detoxifying effect and helps in the digestion of food. Artichoke leaf also plays a part in intestinal comfort and therefore promotes weight loss.

Cola seed is another ingredient available in Anacas 3. Cola seed plays a part in the regulation of body weight and therefore promotes the burning of fats. Anacas 3 should get consumed by taking 3 capsules a day for one to benefit from the slimming effect it offers.

Why Should I Take Anacaps?

Anacaps is the best food supplement in nourishing thinning hair and weak nails. This food supplement enhances density, softness, strength, and even the vitality of the hair. Anacaps food supplement also activates the growth of healthy hair by nourishing hair follicles and also strengthens nails.

Anacaps also contributes to cellular metabolism both in hair and nails to make their structure healthy. This food supplement also prevents cells from oxidative stress and radical damage. With all these importance, there is no doubt that Anacaps is the best food supplement for hair and nail nourishment.

Active Ingredients of Anacaps

Every Anacaps capsule contains essential nutrients to strengthen and nourish the hair bulb and nail matrix. Anacaps capsules contain the following active ingredients:

  • Vitamin B8 or Biotin

This vitamin is a necessary nutrient for hair because it activates hair growth and preventing hair from falling. Vitamin B8 also gives density and firmness to the hair.

  • Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine

This vitamin facilitates the oxygenation of hair bulbs and also activates the formation of melanin. Melanin gives color to the hair.

  • Vitamin B3, niacin or pp

This Anacaps ingredient provides energy to the hair and hence preventing hair loss.

  • Vitamin E

The vitamin is an antioxidant and gives an anti-aging effect to the hair.

  • Sulfur Amino Acids ( Cystine & Methionine)

Cystine and Methionine make up keratin protein that strengthens and gives vitality to the hair. When these sulfur amino acids are absent, the hair becomes brittle and weakens.

  • Iron

Iron facilitates the division of hair follicles and generates new hair. Iron also combats hair loss.

  • Oenothera Biennis ( Evening Primrose)

This Anacaps ingredient moisturizes hair and stimulates hair growth.

What Are The Side Effects of Anacaps?

Clinical studies carried out for Anacaps food supplement guaranteed a 78% decrease in hair loss and 86% in the strengthening of the nails matrix. However, Anacaps food supplement has some side effects that may affect its consumers.

These side effects include nausea, stomach upset, and even diarrhea. If a consumer of Anacaps food supplement experiences severe side effects, they should visit their doctor or pharmacist promptly.

It is unlikely to get a profound side effect when using the Anacaps food supplement. However, if a severe side effect occurs, one should seek medical attention promptly. Symptoms of a severe side effect may include difficulty in breathing, severe dizziness, and itching or swelling of face, tongue, and throat.

Final Thoughts

There is no debate that hair and nail care are a crucial part of our body care routine. Many people struggle about thinning hair and weakening the nails matrix. The solution for hair and nails nourishment, Anacaps food supplement, is, however, available.

Anacaps food supplement takes hair and nail care to a whole new level. This food supplement not only strengthens hair and nails but also enhances hair density. Anacaps also activates the restoration of hair color and offers an anti-aging effect on hair.

To enjoy all these advantages that come with using Anacaps food supplement, you only need to visit a pharmacy or order the product online. To get a package of Anacaps 3*30, you only need about 32 USD. For you to get better results, use Anacaps for a period of three months consecutively.


What is the Right Anacaps Dosage?

The right dosage of Anacaps food supplement is taking one capsule with water per day. The correct dosage for a month is 30 capsules and 90 capsules for a three months dosage.

How Do I Use Anacaps?

Anacaps should be used together with food to achieve the best results for hair and nails fortification. Therefore, Anacaps food supplement should not replace a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

For How Long into Using Anacaps Will I Start Seeing Results?

The recommended time for users to get better results is in about three months. However,  results for reduced hair fall are within the first or second week of using Anacaps. Users start to see other definite outcomes after two or three months.

 Where Can I Buy Anacaps?

You can buy Anacaps from different pharmacies, both physically and through online buying. Ducray Anacaps product is also available at Amazon. Follow this Amazon link to get yourself a Ducray Anacaps for a three months dosage for excellent hair and nails nourishment; for about 32 USD per one three months dosage.

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