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15 Homes Remedies for Weight Loss- Tested ,Tried and Proven to Work Home Remedies for Losing Weight You Don’t Want Miss

How useful would it be to have a handful of home remedies for your weight loss journey without a hassle? If you ever thought losing weight quickly was impossible like many do, you’ve been wrong all through.

Why? Because this is the most definitive guide on losing weight online and it brings you tested, tried  and proven to work weight loss home remedies taking the world by storm.

No lies, no tricks, just essential information to help you get rid of excess flab. So, if you want to:

  • Lose weight without complications
  • Lose weight from tested and proven home remedies widely available and more; you’re in the right place.

Let’s get the party started, shall we?

Adding on weight is much easier. Losing weight can be hectic. At least, this is what most people believe. If you’ve been worried about losing your excess fats and streamline your tummy as well as keep it maintained, keep reading.

And the best part?

These remedies prove to help you lose your weight in as soon as two to three weeks. While you may not burn all the fat that quick, be sure these remedies will help you lose weight naturally. You can get them anywhere.

As such, let’s get into details:

What Are Home Remedies for Weight Loss?

Medicinally, a remedy is a prepared medicinal agent often without proven effectiveness and given without prescription or doctor’s supervision.

Good examples of home remedies are:

Ginger, Honey, and turmeric.

They are usually prepared to help treat certain illnesses like cold and more. Best of all, some home remedies have proven to work over drugs effectively, especially what we typical call-over the counter drugs. Well, that’s another topic for another day.

Let’s get back on track:

Which Are the Best Home Remedies for Weight Loss?

Many home remedies are flooding the market and the internet. Moreover, getting the best home remedies is a process. You need to know what you’re getting yourself into.  That said, you need to do the following before testing any remedy for losing weight:

  • Know what others say about- reviews
  • Understand the bad and good of the remedy – cons and pros
  • And lastly, know your expectations. Do you want to lose weight in a week, two or a month?

So, which are these best home remedies for weight loss then? Here you go:

Weight Loss Injections or the b12 Shots

If you thought injections were for preventing and curing diseases only, you were wrong.

Most people struggle for years to lose weight. Tablets and other agents don’t work for everybody.  For that reason, weight loss injections can be super-helpful if you’ve got a problem with other methods.

Lipotropic injections correctly promote fat loss. The thing is, they are not bulletproof. These injections work best when combined with a healthy lifestyle and a routine that helps you burn fats.

Lipotropic injections come with a high dose of essential nutrients. They contain Vitamin B 12 and are combined with choline, inositol and methionine. Thanks to these combinations, these injections have worked perfectly for previous users.

As for vitamin B12, it boils down to its effectiveness in converting what we eat into sugars and other body fuels that keeps us moving effortlessly.

Better yet, its weight loss effectiveness is because of the vitamin’s ability to support metabolism. By supporting metabolism, you’re able to stay longer exercising, which helps burn fats, thus reduce weight.

When it comes to L-methionine, most know it among the essential amino acids for the building of proteins. However, L-methionine is an excellent agent for the elimination of fats and reduction of obesity in humans and animals.

As such, suppose you don’t have access to a fair amount of L-methionine in your diet, lipotropic injections gives you a significant amount of L-methionine which lowers the amount of stored fats thus, help reduce weight.

Lastly, weight loss injections’ ingredient – choline plays a critical role in your liver and gallbladder functions. By ensuring these two organs are healthy, choline aid in losing weight because the liver and bladder break down fats into energy which reduces their storage, thus reduce weight.  In fact, if you didn’t know, an unhealthy bladder leads to weight gain.

Still, it’s essential to note these injections are not magical assurance for weight loss.  You’re better off with them if you’re going to reduce your calorie consumptions as much as you take them.

Saunas for Weight Loss

For years, saunas were known as rooms people build for relaxing and drying heat. That changed when the world identified these rooms have more benefits than drying heat and relaxing. Today, a sauna is an excellent consideration for weight loss.

The only way a sauna helps in shedding weight depends on the amount of temperature the room has. In simple words, a sauna’s weight loss effectiveness is based on the water you lose inside the room. The more you sweat in a sauna, the more weight you lose.

Homeopathic Weight Loss Remedies

As the name suggests, Homeopathic comes from the word homeopathy. Homeopathy is a term referring to an alternative medicinal based system that believes in the body’s ability to cure itself.

According to research, the system uses natural substances like minerals and plants. Developed in the earlier 1700s, Homeopathy has become increasingly popular, especially with the invention of weight loss herbs and more.

With Homeopathic remedies, it means if a natural mineral or plant triggers a reaction to the body, it can be used to treat an illness with similar body reactions or symptoms. 

For examples, onions, especially red onions, make eyes watery. Because of that, red onions are homeopathic remedies for allergies.  Additionally, other homeopathic remedies are herbs like arnica, bees and others like the herbal treatments made from the Poison Ivy plants and more.

Spirulina Weight Loss Remedies

Spirulina is a diet containing a large number of nutrients and low calories combined in a small amount of powder. It’s a green algae taken as a food supplement for its super-nutritional value. The food is highly nutritious and is aimed at helping you lose weight without affecting your body’s nutrition. 

In a study dubbed, the double-blind placebo in 2016, clinical trials proved spirulina to work effectively for people looking for weight management protocols.

Additionally, spirulina has other health benefits such as improving gut functioning, excellent management of diabetes, reducing cholesterol levels, and reducing blood pressure. As such, using Spirulina for your weight loss purposes will also keep you healthy than other alternatives.

Acupressure Weight Loss Remedies

Your body contains pressure points that have tremendously been studied and proven to offer a great deal in improving your general health among them losing weight. Acupressure is therefore, the application of pressure and stimulation of your body’s pressure points to relax your muscles and manage pain or symptoms.

It’s a massaging technique that effectively sustains and improves the occurrence of disease symptoms. To get the best of acupressure, massaging is consistently practiced on patients with muscle pains and discomforts.

An excellent example of doing this is by firmly pressing a finger in a rotary direction or an up and down movement of a pressure point for some times. The best pressure points you can apply acupressure and reduces disease symptom severity are the lung meridian, the wrist point, base of the thumb and below your little finger.

Lecithin Weight Loss Remedy

This is an essential fat for the body contained in cells. Moreover, lecithin is found in foods such as egg yolks and soya beans. Although it is widely used for the production of medicines used in the treatment of diseases such as dementia, liver infections and gallbladder diseases, it’s an excellent remedy for losing weight.

Specifically, lecithin helps reduce weight by breaking down fats into small molecules for increasing body energy levels. By doing this, it helps reduce weight in two ways. One, broken down fats minimizes the number of stored fats, therefore reducing body mass index thus reduce weight.

Second, broken down fats increase energy levels for exercises which you can effectively use for your weight loss exercise programs.

Yerba Mate Weight Loss Remedies

Yerba mate is a traditional drink taking the world by storm from South Africa.

According to previous users and science backups, the drink houses a variety of health benefits, including weight loss. It’s a herb from the plants’ species, Ilex genus. The weight-loss effectiveness of Yerba mate was first observed in a study that carried a series of trials on caffeine and other coffee contents.

The bottom line?

Well, when Yerba mate was investigated, it proved to help on burning fats in bodies tremendously. First, the trial-tested about eight kilograms of caffeine by comparing it with placebo on typical weight contents. 

The results were that there was a significant increase in the metabolic rates within the first few hours.

On the other hand, plasma glucose, carbohydrates and insulin rates did not change significantly like metabolic. In conclusion, the study proved that Yerba mate and other coffee or caffeine content stimulates your body’s metabolic rate thus increases the oxidation of fats which reduces weight.

Honey Infused Tea and Cinnamon

If you’re a teen, you’re probably afraid about your shape and looks. Well, worry less because this part touches about weight loss remedies for teens. Since most youths crave for foods, it’s the reason for losing weight as a teen can be daunting. That said, cinnamon and honey-infused teas are useful considerations to start with.

Cinnamon or the commonly called Dalchini is famously used in places like India. It belongs to the salty but sweet foods classes.

However, Cinnamon comes with internal properties that cub teens from craving for foods. This helps regulates their desires for sugary foods hence regulates their insulin levels which reduces hunger and reduces weight by cutting fats.

Lemon and Black Pepper Combination

For teens, losing weight from exercising can be hectic. By just looking into the kitchen, a lemon and black pepper at hand can save your weight loss struggles. Lemon water keeps your body hydrated and increases your metabolism, which increases your energy levels to burn fats. According to studies, a glass of lemon water burns about six calories.

The best part?

Lemons are cheap and available in your kitchen.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’re a man looking for weight loss tips for men or remedies men can embrace in their weight loss journey, this is for you.

Let’s talk man to man.

There are lots of stories about men losing bunches of calories by stopping taking soda and more. While that may be true, it’s not highly effective if you’re looking to lose weight quickly and keep your abs outstanding.

Well, App Cider Vinegar maybe what a man needs to lose weight. Here’s how it works:

Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in acetic acid.  If you weren’t aware, acetic acid has anti-obesity properties that have proven to promote weight loss.

Parsley Juices

Instead of ordering high-calorie drinks, your weight loss journey can be a walk in the park if you start considering weight loss juices like Parsley.

Parsley is rich in vitamin C and highly effective in fat oxidation.  The more your fats are oxidized, the more calories burned thus tremendous loss of weight.

Coconut Oil

Many losing weight enthusiasts want to lose weight without a schedule of their expected time frame for results. Others want to lose weight quickly. If you’re in the group of those who want to lose weight in two weeks, this part is for you.

Coconut oil is an excellent option to lose weight naturally in just two weeks.

Coconut oil contains medium –chained fatty acids. These acids boost your body’s metabolism, which cuts calories and reduces weight quickly. Best of all, coconut oil is among the best natural remedies readily available.


For years, probiotics are famed for their health benefits. Recently, studies have proven probiotics to work even better for weight loss.

Yoghurt being highly rich in probiotics which are commonly called the good bacteria boosts body metabolism excellently. Once this happens, your energy levels increase, thus burning more fats and reduces weight without a hassle. 

Significant Amount of Nutrients in Meals

When it comes to losing weight, especially for women losing weight programs, most information flooding the internet is misleading. For any women looking to lose weight quickly, protein consumption is paramount.

Protein help reduce your weight in two ways. One, it helps burn calories by boosting metabolism and two, proteins makes you feel full, thus reduces your craving for foods. According to a study, a high protein meal can help you burn about eighty to ninety calories daily.

Take as more Fiber foods as you could

Fiber helps lose weight in several ways. Water-soluble fibers increase the feeling of fullness which reduces hunger and craving for foods, thus reduces weight.  Alternatively, fiber reduces stomach emptying, therefore minimizes the release of two hormones that controls hunger.

The hormones, ghrelin and leptin once regulated, reduce the body’s needs for energy, thus cubs craving for foods. Ultimately, you eat less and reduce weight without affecting your body’s nutritional value.

How to Choose the Best Home Remedy for Weight Loss

When you’re struggling to lose weight, it can be challenging to know what’s best for you. However, even though there are many remedies in the market today, natural remedies like coconut oil are excellent considerations. Why?


One, they don’t have many unhealthy side effects and two; you’re probably looking for widely available options, right? Now, when it comes to choosing the best home remedy for your weight loss journey, consider the following:


Don’t be taken by the lots of praises some remedies have. Find out for yourself how effective a remedy is than the other.

If you’re under remedies that are prescribed, ensure you’ve got a crystal understanding of their effectiveness before trying them.  Start by finding out if they’re approved by medical regulations and know their body effects.

Keep your safety at arm’s reach

Without your safety, no remedy is suitable for your weight loss. Although most remedies are safe, nonprescription ones can be harmful. As such, ensure you know all the warning they come with before consumption.


Based on your budget, be sure to choose remedies that will sort you correctly. Nonetheless, be sure to know their price ranges before getting to the market to avoid sellers from taking advantages.


Weight loss remedies have become tremendously popular. Whether you’re a man, woman or teen, what you use to reduce your weight is essential.  Suppose you were wondering what the best home remedies for weight loss are, this guide’s selections can get you off the ground. Choose what’s best for you and start your weight loss schedule.


What are the best home remedies for weight loss after delivery?

Giving birth comes with fat tummies most women hate. The best home remedies to reduce weight after delivery can range from hot water with honey and lemon, green tea to bananas and almond shake.

What are the best foods for natural weight loss?

Calories aren’t equally created. Best foods for natural weight loss are salmon, whole eggs, leafy greens and more.

What are the common home workouts for weight loss?

Swimming, walking, cycling and yoga are excellent home workouts programs for losing a significant amount of calories.

Are home remedies for weight loss effective?

Yes. Most of them are scientifically and medically baked up.

Which are the common weight loss remedies for teens?

Teens enjoy readily available and affordable remedies. As such, lemons and yoghurts are excellent options as their common weight loss remedies.

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