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13 Best Shark Tank Weight Loss Products

shark tank weight loss

Yay! You finally lost weight. No? The boring diets didn’t work? Well, the shark tank weight loss products will. You’re not the only one struggling with weight loss. The many ‘magic pills’ seen on TV adverts don’t seem to be working anymore.

To curb this, shark tank, a popular TV show, picked some of the best weight loss products which live up to their promise. We’ve picked out some of these products. However, before you reach for your credit card, you’ll want to consult your doctor first to guide you on the best option.

Shark Tank Weight Loss Products

Ready for the game-changer? Read on.

1.     Garcinia Cambogia Plus

Garcinia Cambogia is the brains behind this shark tank diet pill. And, yes – it’s proven to be a success thanks to the testimonials by different celebrities, including Wendy Williams, Melissa McCarthy, and Khloe Kardashian.

The pill’s main ingredient – Garcinia Cambogia extract works by flushing toxins out of the system. It also prevents the development of new fat tissues in your body by blocking citrate lyase – the enzyme the body uses to make fat.

The product also enhances your body’s ability to burn fat and suppresses appetite by speeding up metabolism.

There’s a reason why this product tops the list of the best shark tank weight loss products. It promises to reward you with a 9 lbs weight loss results weekly. Just one thing, though – you have to follow their instructions religiously.

Just a peel of the fruits contains high levels of hydro citric acid (HCA) – an ingredient actively involved in weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Plus also works well to reduce belly fat in overweight individuals.

Still not convinced? Maybe this will: the product made history by getting all the judges to invest in it, buying 25% of the company.

The product costs less than $20.

2.     The Simply Fit Board

The Simply Fit Board is Lori Greiner’s innovation. Like any regular fitness board, this shark tank exercise equipment utilizes the back-and-forth balancing mechanism where the user stands on it and balance their weight from side to side.

However, this shark tank workout board’s curved bottom lets you freely twist your hips rather than rocking from side to side. Sounds fun, right?

The twist workout exercises core muscles in the hips, legs, and further improves balance. But that’s not all. The board can also be customized to perform other workouts.

In for a challenge? Try adding some weight. Or better still, get on the ground and modify the pushups and planks.

Curious about its success story? Well, if the online shark tank exercise board reviews are anything to go by, the majority of people are seemingly in love with the product.

It has also enjoyed backing from the shark tank investors. And, get this: their sales shot to over $9 million after appearing on Shark Tank.

The product owes its massive success to its portability and lightweight, so you get to sort out those quick home and office workouts.

The board can hold up to twice as much weight as the regular boards, thanks to its sturdy build material.

Are you looking to get yourself a new exercise board? The product will cost you 20 to 30 dollars.

3.     MealEnders

The MealEnders creator pitched it at $350,000 in the shark tank show. However, no investor went down with it.

With this product, you get to enjoy the sweetness you crave without having it affect your weight negatively.

The product, consumed after meals, works by curbing your appetite, so you don’t get the urge to eat or snack, without any need for unnatural stimulants. Yes – as you cut on how much you eat, you save on how much you spend on meals too.

The reward layer – the sweet outer coating, gives your body that quick dessert taste to signal the meal’s end. Hence the next layer.

The next layer with the cool tingling feeling cleanses your pallet and shifts your body’s attention from food, and eating.

Make-no-mistake, though. Despite being rejected by shark tank investors, the product has continued to enjoy its fair share of success. In less than two years, the MealEnders has its sales scaling at $1.4 million. Now that’s massive.

Its success can be tied to the fact that apart from proving effectiveness, they are also adaptable to different lifestyles.

You slowly incorporate it into your meals and start gaining control over your urge, portions, and the type of food.

The two pack-bundle goes at $25.56 per month with auto-delivery. You can purchase it through their Official Site.

4.     Titin Force – the Weighed Compression Outfit

Patrick Whaley is the brains behind the Titin compression gear, which he pitched in the 609th episode of Shark Tank. Patrick draws this product’s inspiration from himself.

He used to be a skinny boy and could walk with a heavy backpack to build his muscles. So he thought, why not make a weighed cloth, one that people would be comfortable on. So he developed the prototype for the Titin gear while in high school.

These Shark Tank items have 8 pounds added on them.  The extra weight builds the muscles faster. You can also cool or heat the gel inserts for a speedy recovery of the muscles after the workout.

This Shark Tank exercise gear, unlike others, helps the whole body during an exercise. It improves stamina by distributing weight to a significant body area.

The product is especially perfect for CrossFit and other Cross trainers. Runners also use it to build endurance during training and boost metabolism.

Apart from winning the heart of a Shark, the product has also made impressive sales with endorsements from industry giants.

The product is going below $20.

5.     Nexersys Kickbox Gaming System

Away from the Shark Diet pills for a moment, let’s talk about one of the most significant inventions in the weight loss industry – the Nexersys Kickbox Gaming System.

Terry Jones, the inventor of this equipment, makes training easier by turning it into some kind of a game.

The set-up deviates from the old school method, where you needed a partner to hold pads as you practice your boxing and kicks.

The set-up has seven different-sized pads mounted on a 19-inch LCD screen. You’ll receive guidance through different high intensity and routine training. You then go through a quick session of highly vigorous exercises then a shorter period of rest.

The Nexersys Kickbox Gaming System has been a success. After appearing on Shark Tank, there was a 450% sales increase, and it maintained this.

The smallest unit goes for about $2,295.00. Are you saving already?

6.     The PRx Performance Rack

If the gym isn’t your thing, and you prefer home workouts instead, then this unit is for you. Its inventors pitched it for an $80,000 financing with 10% equity in Shark Tank.

The profile has rack foot plugs and a mounting bracket to make the home workout easier.

The sturdy rack is easy to install and allows multiple workouts and muscle-ups, so you can finally turn your home into a gym.

Despite many sharks turning it down, the product has enjoyed massive success. We can link this to its ability to support various workouts, utilize a small space, and being foldable, making it easier to move around with without having to disassemble and assemble it.

The product also has 100lb smooth gas shocks for light hinges, making it easier for any person at any fitness level to push it. The safety lock pins also enhance security and make it childproof.

The unit price is less than $2000.

7.     Yumble

Not a fan of cooking? Well, it can be harder to maintain a healthy diet. It’s even more tricky when you have kids. Feeding them healthy food when you can hardly prepare a meal is close to impossible.

Kids tend to go the taste way other than the healthy way. So, convincing them that the stale vegetables with no salt are better is an uphill task.

Yumble is the answer to your prayers. Their food is not only super nutritious but also have the taste that you and your kids crave.

Their nutritionists tailor the foods to suit your family style and nutritional needs. But that’s not all. The package will be delivered right to your doorstep for free.

The prices of the packages are also friendly. You’ll spend $5.99 for a 6-meals a week package, $5.62 for twelve, and $5.42 for 24 meals.

8.     Be fit food

Be Fit is a program from the Be Fit Food company run by surgeon Dr. Geoff and Dietitian Kate Save. They pitched their business in the Australian Shark Tank.

Be fit food serves as an excellent substitute for unproductive diets and sham protein shakes for weight loss.

They use a low-carb, moderate protein, and high-fat diet to enhance faster burning of the body’s fat reserves and quickly lose weight.

There’s a seven-day, three meals, and a snack-a-day plan. They work towards scheduling a meal only when someone is hungry.

Check out their official website for the current pricing.

9.    KETO’s Purefit Fat Burners

The Purefit Keto is yet another product that is featured on Shark Tank.

This ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carb diet known to aid weight loss. Following the diet puts you in ketosis – where the body utilizes fat as its primary source of energy instead of the regular glucose.

The keto pills, apart from triggering the body to produce more ketones, control the levels of glucose and carbohydrates.

The increased levels of ketones help the body to burn more fat instead of stacking it up on fatty tissue, which is hard to eliminate.

The natural herbs on the pills stimulate the digestive system and boost the rate of metabolism. Further, the pills have no known side effects since they’re natural.

The product has had positive reviews and endorsements from celebrities.

The product costs less than $20.

10. Rapid Tone Weight Loss Pill

I know – this product hasn’t featured on Shark Tank, at least not yet. But, get this: its positive reviews and massive success stories from fitness trainers and celebrities makes it worth a shot.

The product has four main ingredients;

·        L-Carnitine

·        Vitamin B12

·        Forskolin

·        Garcinia Cambogia

These ingredients make it an excellent appetite suppressant. Hence, it’ll be easier to control how much you eat.

Garcinia Cambogia contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HGA) that prevents the storage of fat in vulnerable areas such as the thighs, belly, and arms.

It also improves metabolism and rids the body of unwanted fatty tissues.

Forskolin, on the other hand, has caffeine and Catechins, which accelerates the body’s metabolic rate. They are also known to relieve anxiety and stress – the significant causes of weight gain.

Taking two pills a day, with a gap of one or two hours in between will give you the best results in a shorter period. Though the effects could seem slow, consistency will give you positive long-term results.

The product costs about $14.99.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar Pills

This supplement has earned its title as a crucial health tonic for years.

The product is made through a fermentation process which, first involves crushing the apples and combining it with yeast to turn the sugar into alcohol.

The second process involves adding bacteria to ferment the alcohol turning it to acetic acid – an organic compound with a strong smell and sour taste.

Apart from acetic acid, the product also contains traces of other acids like malic acid.

Acetic acid promotes weight loss by lowering the blood sugar levels hence improving the liver and muscles’ ability to take sugar from the blood.

Acetic also improves metabolism by increasing enzyme AMPK, which enhances fat-torching and decreasing sugar and fat production.

For further weight loss, Acetic acid reduces fat storage, especially in overweight and obese individuals, by preventing additional weight gain.

Acetate also suppresses appetite by suppressing parts of the brain responsible for appetite hence reduced eating.

You can get all those benefits by just taking some supplements. Easy, right? And what’s more: the product adheres to strict FDA safety regulations.

The product will cost you about $10.

12. Turmeric Forskolin

Turmeric Forskolin isn’t a Shark Tank diet pill, but its effectiveness in fighting obesity and overweight is something we can’t overlook.

Turmeric, which is the primary component of this product, is a plant associated with many health and therapeutic roles to the body.

For instance, Turmeric has polyphenols – known anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity product. Turmeric is also full of curcumin, which prevents the growth of fat cells.

Turmeric also controls blood glucose levels to avoid insulin resistance, hence preventing diabetes.

Forskolin is yet another crucial fat trimmer with many nutritious and therapeutic benefits.

The plant contains Caffeine and Catechins, which help improve the body’s fat-burning capacity. The rapid rate of metabolism translates to quicker and increased fat burning.

Forskolin is also linked to reduced bowel irregularity and enhanced well-being of the digestive system.

Anxiety and stress weighing you down? Don’t worry. The pleasant aroma of Forskolin will give you relief from stress and anxiety.

The product’s effectiveness is due to its strict adherence to the FDA set health guidelines. Its ingredients are also natural and have zero side effects.

You can purchase the product at $15.00.

13. Mother Beverage

Mother Beverage, with its product Apple cider vinegar drink, appeared on a 2018 episode of Shark Tank seeking funding.

Apart from helping with weight loss, the product is also meant to help with your esophagus.

The apple cider vinegar drink works by promoting fullness by delaying stomach emptying. When this happens, the urge to eat significantly reduces, leading to the intake of small portions of food and low-calorie intake.

Apart from weight loss, the product also has other benefits such as;

·        Lowering blood sugar levels after eating to prevent diabetes.

·        Improving insulin sensitivity to patients with insulin resistance, especially those with type 2 diabetes.

·        Decreasing the levels of cholesterol

·        Killing harmful bacteria and viruses which could result in food poisoning

·        Lowering blood pressure by preventing the enzyme that constricts blood vessels from doing so.

The product will cost you about $5.


Let’s face it – the market is full of stale and ineffective products are claiming to help with weight loss. These products, though might not pose immediate health risks, could prove harmful in the long run.

Further, instead of losing weight, you could end up gaining more. Or worse still, you could give up on your weight loss journey, and you don’t want that.

Unfortunately, wrong adverts and gimmicks could get you wasting your time and money. That only boils down to one thing – vigilance. Carefully choose a product after doing thorough background checks and consultation with your doctor.

Shark Tank weight loss products have proven their effectiveness in weight loss and general health wellness. Many celebrities have been part of successful testimonials. World-famous trainers have also endorsed Shark Tank exercise equipment.

We’ve sampled a list of the 13 best Shark Tank weight loss products. Choose the best one for you and be part of the success stories.

Winnance works with other team members, overseeing content planning, writing and proofing. Winnance is a weight loss and general wellness nerd. When not at healthadvise, Winnance runs a couple of community-based health projects.

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