So, what are you serving in 2021? Dear cooking enthusiasts, it’s going to be a great year for you. And, we are all gassed up, waiting for the sweet aroma (and taste) from your kitchen.

So, again, what’s up on your list? If you already know what’s coming up in your kitchen (or don’t), I could point you where all the juice is. Yes – I have a list of the best cooking and recipes websites you want to keep tabs on in 2021. Take a look;


allrecipes.comWith an estimated 25 million visits every month, Allrecipe had to top our list today.

The website is home to almost every recipe you’ll ever think of. Having a get-together? An evening with friends? Something official, maybe? You can get an idea what to serve your visitors here.

The website is easy to use, and the recipes are detailed, with instructional videos so you rarely miss out on a pinch of salt!

Oh, did I also mention that you can create your profile and share your recipe with the world? Exactly!


Another cool kid in the block is the food network – a site that’s been serving mind-blowing recipes since 1993.

The website boasts a religious following from TV to magazines to its outstanding podcasts.

The food network boasts a stack of recipes that’ll come in handy in your kitchen. You’ll also find outstanding videos from its TV series.

It’s one of the most trusted sites with both classic and modern recipes. Its host of experts are there to make your cooking experience worth it.


bakemesomesugar.comBake Me Some Sugar has been serving tasty recipes since 2018.

The website is packed with detailed recipes that’ll turn the kitchen into your favorite room, even for new cooks.

But with the website, it’s not all about cooking. It also comes loaded with additional tips to make it all fun in the kitchen.

Head on to the site and enjoy easy navigation, an interactive and an attractive interface.


mealprepify.comMeal Prepify was made with you, the user, in mind.

The site was built to help you with three critical things most recipes today lack;

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Eat healthier

The type of cooking the site advocates for also favors those looking to lose some fat, build muscles, and those who hardly have time to step in the kitchen.

The team of experts is out to ensure you enjoy every meal you make and stay healthy for a lifetime.


Foodiesterminal.comSimple recipes and delicious food what best describes Foodiesterminal.

The website boasts a rich database of timeless recipes that are not only easy to prepare but make every mealtime enjoyable, too.

The site has been serving sweet aroma and taste from all around the world since 2018.

It’s easy-to-follow and carefully crafted recipes has earned it mentions with Yahoo, Kansas Living, and Parade magazines.

We also can’t overlook its easy navigation and an even better outlook. So, what’s for your next meal? Why don’t you head out to there’s always something for you.


Delish has been serving healthy and tasty recipes since 2008. Yes – close to two decades of healthy eating!

The website has an excellent mix of classic and modern recipes, all perfectly tailored to meet individual nutritional needs.

For an even convenient experience, Delish features an interactive interface that enables you to search for recipes with ingredients or keywords.

And, that’s not all. The website has exhaustive instructional videos to ensure you don’t miss any steps. You’ll also love the comprehensive articles about food, and nutrition.


morganboulevard.comAnd, finally something for the vegans!

Morgan Boulevard is the home to some of the best vegan recipes. It boasts simple, nutritious, and cost-effective recipes for vegans.

You’ll also love the interactive and attractive website outlook. And, what’s more – the site also has a special section for holiday suggestions you and your loved ones can enjoy.


Well, the list would be incomplete without Yummly. And, yes – the website features state-of-the-art recipes.

Yummly is loaded with over 2 million recipes (yes, you read that right!) all coming with the right balance of taste, and nutritional value.

Yummly also features comprehensive videos meant to help especially new cooks. Plus, you can also create a profile and save your recipes, even your grocery shopping list.


Epicurious boasts not only a huge number of visitors but quality content, too.

In its 20 years of existence, the website has a database of only 50,000 recipes. Make-no-mistake, though, each of these is carefully handpicked, crafted, and tailored to meet individual nutritional needs.

The brains behind these recipes have carefully weeded out and filtered other recipes so you have nothing but the best. So you can have complete trust in these tested recipes.


Kitchn is yet another giant recipe site that boasts a monthly readership of 17 million. Yes – 17 million readers keeping tabs on its healthy, tasty, and easy-to-follow recipes.

Founded in 2005, the website has been serving readers unique and healthy recipes, sweet aromas, and healthier bites.

Apart from recipes, Kitchn also publishes 20 articles daily covering recipes, cooking tips, kitchen appliances, and kitchen design and renovation ideas.


productivemama.comThis highly interactive site has a whole section dedicated to food, nutrition, and good health. So you can always have something new to take on.

The website boasts countless recipes that’ll not only bring taste to your plate but priceless nutritional value and yes, sweet aroma.

Apart from recipes, you’ll also enjoy multiple write-ups on money, tech, timesaving, and homeschooling.


You’ve probably bumped into this site those multiple times when running to google every time you’re stuck in the middle of cooking.

This incredible site is the home to everything about food and nutrition. From simple, cheap, and nutritious recipes to informative articles on food.

You’ll love the mix of classic and modern recipes that are carefully selected around the world.

You’ll also learn about different ingredients and tasty cocktails.  You can also enjoy the convenience that comes with exploring the recipes by region and keywords.

The site also boasts comprehensive instructional videos so you’re guided on each step. Multiple how-to write-ups and high-quality images also accompany the recipes.


100 Healthy Recipes features some of the best recipes of all time.

You’ll want to run there anytime you’re stuck in the middle of your cooking, or when you just want to make you and your loved ones a special meal.

You’ll enjoy endless ideas on dessert as well as main meals. And, did I mention that bakers also have a place in the site? Run there already!

14. is yet another reason why your kitchen would be your favorite room. The site is home to practical wide-range recipes and guides for novices and experienced chefs.

But, if cooking isn’t among the hundred and one things that excite you, then you’ll love the lifestyle section. This features hot celebrity news, movie updates, and the red carpet.

15. is the product of a team whose passion for cooking wouldn’t let them keep all the juice to themselves. The website features quick, easy, and most importantly, healthy recipes for individuals who hardly have time to step into the kitchen and fix a meal.

Founded in September 2012, the site was meant to spread love through food, and bring families and friends together.

16. is not your ordinary peel-your-potato-and-let-it-boil-for-five-minutes kinda website. It goes a long way in helping you have a healthy relationship with food. The site has sections for weight loss, nutritional counseling, eating disorders, and food intolerance.

Basically, anything you’ll ever need to know about healthy eating is here!

17. features not only healthy recipes but general family and home issues. The panel of experts is here to ensure you’re eating healthy. They also offer hands-on tips on budgeting, homeschooling, DIY, and so much more.


For lovers of wine and dine, is the right place to look. The site features great food choices and wines to make those evenings memorable.


Stop by for simple gluten-free recipes. The group of experts behind the site add a touch of their personal and professional life experience to also bring you practical garden tips, gardening and general wellness.

You’ll also love their exhaustive write-ups on fashion trends and pop culture.

Wrapping this up

Ready to light up your kitchen? Whether you’re an expert cook or a beginner like me, the websites above will do. They go out of their way to offer something more than just your ordinary recipes.

Go now, my friend, and improve your cooking with the above best cooking and recipe websites.



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