Losing those extra pounds while gaining muscles has always felt difficult.

Going to the gym, dieting, and watching inspirational videos on how to get it right is a smart move, but what if I tell you there is another way to do it?

You can use cutting supplements to get that waistline and still build those muscles.

It’s an easier road. But wait, do they even work? Can I expect any side effects? We answer all these questions and also point you towards the best cutting supplements in the market.

Read on!

What are cutting supplements?

Cutting supplements are nutritional products that aid in fat loss. Best cutting supplements help curb appetite, burn more calories, increase metabolic rate, and increase lean muscle.

Cutting supplements are products that are uniquely manufactured to help stimulate fat loss and, even more importantly, preserve the muscles you have.

Supplements for cutting: Top supplements for cutting

The best supplements for cutting fat and building muscles are those made from effective and quality ingredients. Cutting supplements are more effective in your weight loss plan when you incorporate exercise and healthy dieting.

We have various products in the market that claim to be effective cutting supplements, but which are the top best supplements that give the most desired results?

Let’s look at the top 6 cutting edge supplements you should consider trying.

1.      Ram advantage C-Prime 5

One of the best supplements for cutting fat and building muscle in the market right now is Ram advantage C-Prime 5. It not only help you to lean out but also helps to build muscles.

It boosts your insulin, making your body make good use of macronutrients you consume instead of storing them as fat.

Ram advantage C-Prime helps to eliminate sugar cravings, reduce fat storage, burn fat, and build muscle at the same time. With this cutting supplement, you safe from feeling jittery as it is caffeine-free. It is also gluten-free and soy-free. It never gets better than this, trust me.

However, there are two things to keep in mind if you decide to use this supplement.

  • It does not have the same energy boost as caffeine and
  • Its effect mainly depends on the type and amount of nutrients you consume.
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2. Jacked Factory BURN-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Jacked Factory BURN-XT is scientifically made by a fat-burning blend that promises to burn fat while keeping lean muscles level up.

It helps in providing a better appetite control and boosts higher energy levels.

Jacked Factory BURN-XT is quite ideal for anyone looking to improve physical performance. This is because of its jitter-free energy.

Note that Jacked Factory BURN-XT has caffeine, which may cause issues to those who are sensitive to it.

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3. L-Carnitine

Carnitine is one of the most effective cutting supplements in the market right now. It helps to oxidize fats by transferring long fatty acid into the mitochondria, where they are then produced as energy.

It is ideal for suppressing appetite and reducing fatigue. Carnitine is for anyone looking to get shred by losing those extra kilos that seems difficult to shed.

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4. Nano Genin by Assault Nano Series

Nano Genis is a product of Assault Nano Labs.  It is technologically manufactured to produce 600 times more effective results that Laxogenin capsule products.

Nano Genin is quite ideal for anyone who wants to build strong muscles and burn fat.

It is completely safe for use by boh men and women. Nano Genin by Assault Nano series accelerates muscle recovery, increase strength, support increased muscle endurance, and increases lean muscle mass.

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5. Fighters Core

Fighters core is one of the best supplements for cutting. It helps to get rid of unwanted fats while maximizing athletic performance. It is designed to get you bulked-up and looking great as you cut on fat.

Fighters Core is uniquely manufactured with green tea extract, which is an excellent antioxidant that helps to breakdown fat and improves metabolism. It also has 200mg of forskolin, which aids in breaking down fats while keeping lean muscles. Its 104mg of Calcium HMB helps to keep the muscle up and not breakdown, improving your work-out gains.

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How to choose the best supplements to get cut?

Before you decide on which cutting supplement to buy, you should know how to choose the very best one that will serve your needs. Here are a few things to have in mind before placing your order.

i) Supplement Type

Ask yourself, are you in need to curb your appetite? Are you caffeine-sensitive? Do you have any medical conditions? Are you vegan?

Write down all the specifics you feel should be met and then narrow down to the supplement that meets all the requirements.

ii) Price

The price of the supplement has a lot to do with how best it will work for you. This is because, if it's super expensive for you to buy again, you may not be able to use it enough for you to get the desired results.

Supplements for cutting go for $15-$200 per bottle.

The best way to work around price is to look for brands known to work well but provide affordable supplements.

iii) Review

What are people saying about the brand you want to buy from? How long have they served in the market? Have you checked what past and recent buyers are posting concerning the brand?

The rule of thumb is always to consider buying cutting supplements from more established brands. This is because they have a reputation to care about. They are less likely to sell sub-standard or dangerous products.

iv) Scientific Proof

Companies that sell supplements can have a lot to say about their products in order to attract customers. So, before you place your order, confirm that all the claims are scientifically proven. This way, you'll be sure that the product will serve your needs as expected.

v) Certification

The supplement company you are planning to buy from should be qualified to make the claims it's making. A neutral objective review by a third-party should help you decide if the brand is credible.

Again, Since you'll need to consume the supplements, ensuring that a third party has verified them is very important.

Cutting supplement stack: Here is how you should stack supplements for cutting.

It is essential to know how to combine or stack supplements to get your desired results. For fat loss, using supplements that attacks fat on different angles and pathways is key.  While if your goal is to build muscles, going for supplements that provide surplus protein intake is vital.

Note that, for any of the cutting supplements to give you results, you must also do your part. Ensure you are taking the right diet. Work out as expected. And take the supplement as required.

Best stack for cutting

Here are the best stack supplements for fat loss.

  • A combination of Yohimbine and caffeine. An example of such a supplement is Ergopharm AMP2. Take this 3-4 caps a day.
  • BCAAs supplements. The recommended ones are Sci viation Xtend bcaas. Take one serving in the morning, one serving before work out, and one serving after work-out.
  • Green tea/ Coleus forskolin. The recommended supplement is designer supplement lean Xtreme. Take 3 caps a day.

For gaining muscle mass

  • BCAAs and Essential amino acids (EAA). The suggested supplements for EAA is purple wraath, while for BCAAs is Xtend by Scivation.
  • Nitric Oxide Enhancer such as controlled labs white flood, NO-Xplode and Scivation vasocharge are a few you can try out.
  • Whey protein. The suggested Whey protein supplement is ALMAX All Whey Classic protein. Take 1-1.5 servings before work out.

Are cutting supplements safe?

The short answer to this question is- Yes.

Most cutting supplements are scientifically proven to have the ability to burn down fats while maintain and building muscles. They are manufactured with natural and well-known ingredients that do not pose danger to the human body.

However, note that companies that sell cutting supplements are in business, and you know what that means. They can go miles with the ingredients to ensure the customers get what they need at the expense of other factors.


Getting your desired body has been made easier by the available cutting supplements in the market. It’s never late to try something new on your weight loss and muscle building journey. Pick one of the reviewed brands in the guide and give it a try.

Again, to ensure you choose the very best brand that manufactures the ideal product that will serve your needs, ensure you evaluate things like price, reputation, and certification.


When do I take bcaa when cutting?

The best time to take bcaa is before workouts. Whether tablet or powder, take it 15 minutes pre-workout time. Bcaa can be taken three times a day overall, depending on the serving. To ensure you are taking the correct amount, check the label.

Am I likely to lose strength while cutting?

Yes. You are likely to lose strength while cutting. This is majorly contributed to the fact that you will be consuming excessively low calories. Again, most cutting supplements curb appetite. This will automatically affect your calorie intake.

If you lose 5% strength- on the maximum- then that’s nothing to have a concern over. However, losing 10%-15% of your strength may mean you are doing something wrong.

How do I maintain strength while cutting?

To maintain strength while cutting, do these three things.

1. Ensure you are taking 75% for maintenance. Having a deficit of 25% and above can cause negative effects like loss of strength.

2. Keep lifting the same weight as before. Lifting weights progressively helps to build muscles and increase strength physical strength.

3. Avoid too much cardio. Excessive cardio will affect your recovery and performance. Consider doing cardio 3-4 times a week.

What are the side effects of using cutting supplements?

Cutting supplements have different side effects depending on the ingredients used during manufacture. For example, cutting supplements with caffeine may cause issues such as insomnia, high blood pressure, and digestive problems. However, if you are not caffeine sensitive, you should not worry about developing any of these side effects.

Common side effects that may result from using other cutting supplements are increased heart rate, fatigue, headache, and restlessness.

To avoid experiencing side effects caused by cutting supplements, check the ingredients used to make the supplement you wish to buy and do some homework.

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