Am I the only one who enjoys watching kids play?

I get over my balcony (I have a great view by the way) often just to watch kids play. I marvel at their vigor. And, their energy is on a whole new level.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not too old, but I always envy them and wish I could feel and look young all my life.

The secret lies in one thing – Mitochondria. So, what are they, really? How can I boost my mitochondria function to feel young and energetic again? And today’s big question – which are the best mitochondria supplements?  Keep it here, let me give you the secret.

Note: The effectiveness of how a mitochondria supplement works depends on its ability to be absorbed in the body.

What is a mitochondrion?

Let me take you back to your Biology class. Mitochondria are sausage-shaped organelles present in your cells.

They are the powerhouse of your cells. If you always wondered what is responsible for turning the food you eat and the air you breathe to energy, then you have it now – mitochondria.

You can read more about it in this post. Not before you finish reading this, though. There’s still something I have to tell you.

Now, I know you thought getting old is all fun, not entirely, though. As you age, your levels of Mitochondria reduce, and that means lower energy levels.

So, what can you do about it? turn to Mitochondria supplements. What are they? Which ones are the best? Let’s get to it. but, first…

What are supplements for mitochondria?

Supplements for mitochondria are nutrients or foods that help to increase muscle mitochondria, increase the number of mitochondria in your body, or heal damaged mitochondria. Maybe getting old is all cool after all!

mitochondrial supplementsThese supplements are convenient when it comes to improving and restoring the functions of mitochondria. They also help to boost the health of mitochondria.

Now that we know what mitochondria supplements are. The next question would be…

How do mitochondria supplements work?

Good question. Mitochondria supplements work magic in our bodies. How?

As we age, the cellular processes that run our bodies like a well-oiled machine begin to wear down. Again, as you also know, we need energy, whether when working out or breathing or just sleeping.

Now, the mitochondria are responsible for providing all that energy.

So what happens when your machine is down? You look for nutrients that will optimize your health, performance, and energy levels of your cells.

Best mitochondrial supplements - Picture of a mitochondria

That’s where mitochondria supplements come in.

Mitochondria supplements work to prevent aging cells, especially during periods of stress. They provide the needed nutrients to boost cellular health and integrity, support the cardiovascular system, and promote optimal health.

However, the million-dollar question is, which are the best mitochondria supplements?

Mitochondrial supplements reviews: Best mitochondrial supplements

I know – you want to look and feel old for as long as you live. That’s okay, I do, too. But, do you have what it takes? Let me explain;

Giving your mitochondria a boost should be your top priority if you seek to live a youthful and long life. Adding a supplement for even bigger support can be a better option.

I can hear you screaming, “Tell us already, which are the best mitochondrial supplements?” Easy, easy!

I have used a couple of them. Lots of them were disappointing. But the following 6 proved to be the best. Check them out;

1. Acetyl L-Carnitine

This is a naturally occurring amino acid that transports fatty acids into the mitochondria for energy production.

It’s one of the most effective supplements during mitochondrial dysfunctions disorders such as diabetes and kidney.

Acetyl L-Carnitine helps to increase the rate of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (ATP production), which reduces as we age.

What I like:

  • Clears up lactic acid buildup, hence, speeding up recovery after an intense workout
  • Boosts mitochondrial health
  • Boosts heart and brain health
  • Reduces tiredness in older people

What I don’t like:

  • The capsule form of Acetyl L-Carnitine has more additives, which may be bad for your health. Opt for the powder form, which has fewer additives.
Tip: Acetyl L-Carnitine not only improves the efficiency of muscle mitochondria. It also increases fatty acid metabolism, and reverse age-related decreases in L-Carnitine levels according to this research
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2. B Vitamins

Thinking energy? Think B-vitamins.

B-Vitamins are quite effective for cellular metabolism and energy production. They are a couple of vitamins, each playing a vital role in boosting mitochondria health and, consequently, mitochondria functions.

What I like:

  • The capsules are free of unnatural ingredients
  • It reduces the level of bad cholesterol
  • It reduces pain
  • Aids digestion

What I don’t like:

  • Raises the level of high blood sugar
Note: B-vitamins are water-soluble. Storing them in the body is an almost-impossible operation, and in most cases, you even pee them out. Taking supplements is a great way of filling that gap.

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3. Creatine

Creatine is an organic acid that is naturally produced by the liver, kidney, and pancreas.

Although Creatine has, in a long time, had a place in people’s hearts for its bodybuilding benefits, new research suggests that it has anti-aging effects. Yes – you heard that right.

According to a study done on mice, there was an average 9% longer livelihood on creatine fed-mice than the rest of the animals.

For a human, this is approximately 7 years. Creatine is indeed one of the top mitochondrial supplements that shouldn’t miss out in your cabinet.

What I like:

  • May fight loss of muscle in older adults
  • Improves brain function
  • Increase muscle size and strength

What I don’t like:

  • It can cause muscles to draw water from the rest of the body.
  • May cause bloating
Pro tip: Apart from its energy-related functions, Creatine can also help improve brain functionality. According to recent research, taking 5 to 20 grams of Creatine for 1 to 6 weeks can boost your memory, intelligence, and reasoning.
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4. Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ)

PQQ is a vitamin supplement that naturally occurs in plant food.

According to recent research, PQQ protects mitochondria by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. It also actively boosts the formation of new and young mitochondria.

And that’s not all, PQQ also protects the brain from neurotoxicity that can come from mercury or other potential toxins.

What I like:

  • Promotes optimal mitochondrial functions
  • Support nerve growth function
  • Prevents oxidative stress
  • Inhibits growth of cancer cell

What I don’t like:

  • Can cause headache or/and insomnia if one is sensitive to the supplement
  • Can also cause drowsiness and fatigue
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5. Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA)

ALA helps to improve mitochondria function and reduce oxidative stress. It’s naturally occurring in the human cells. ALA is a powerful fat and water-soluble antioxidant.

Are you a diabetes patient? Neuropathies giving you nightmares? Inflammations, maybe? Well, ALA can help with all that, according to this study.

What I like:

  • May slow down memory loss
  • Fight signs of skin aging
  • It promotes healthy nerve function
  • Lowers heart disease risk factor

What I don’t like:

  • May cause rashes and nausea on rare occasions
Tip: Apart from helping with mitochondria, a daily dose of 300 to 600 gm of ALA for 7 months can help treat symptomatic diabetic polyneuropathy according to this research.
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6. Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most underrated minerals for reasons which shouldn’t be reasons or excuses in the first place.

It tops my list of the best supplements of all time. I use it daily before bed.

I know – we get magnesium in our normal total health. However, it’s still a great supplement to add to your diet.

Magnesium is an excellent pro-mitochondria supplement.

It’s stored in the mitochondria, and a large part of it binds to ATP, which makes it usable for energy.

This is enough reason to have magnesium as your daily supplement to boost mitochondrial functions, which consequently affects your whole body.

What I like:

  • Has muscle relation properties
  • Prevents hypertension, stroke, sudden cardiac arrest, among other illness
  • Support nerve function
  • Promote energy production

What I don’t like:

  • Large amounts of magnesium can cause nausea, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea
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Mitochondria perfect food: Foods that increase mitochondria

Let me guess – you love food. I do, too.

Listen, you can never go wrong with specific high-quality foods when it comes to supporting your mitochondria.

I want to share with you some of the foods that have helped me significantly boost my mitochondria. Yes – that’s how much I care about you. Take a look;

  • Protein These are rich in amino acids, such as glutathione, which is suitable for protecting mitochondria. Try red meat, seeds, eggs, beans/lentils, nuts, fish, and poultry.
  • Omega 3. This is rich in fatty acids, which help to build the mitochondria protective membrane. Try low-mercury wild-caught fish, egg yolk, walnut, seeds, and grass-fed meat.
  • CoQ10. This helps to protect essential energy production. It also prevents free radicals from escaping from the main body of the cell, thereby preventing damage.

Try food rich in CoQ10 such as olive oil, oily fish, eggs, and organ meat.

  • Sulphur-rich vegetable. They help in detoxification of the body, thereby reducing stress in the mitochondria. Try cabbage, broccoli, onions, cauliflower, mushroom, garlic, and asparagus.
  • Magnesium. Magnesium is an excellent source of ATP. It’s one of the best mitochondrial support you should consider having on your plate in every meal.

Try foods such as avocado and spinach.

  • Antioxidants. These are a significant boost to our mitochondria. You can try rich antioxidant foods such as blueberries (other berries as well) and pomegranate seeds.
Tip: Coupling supplements with a good diet is one of the best ways of making them effective. Further, a diet rich in these nutrients will significantly boost your mitochondria.

Let me jog your memory a little bit. We’ve looked at what mitochondria are, what they do, the best supplements, and what to eat.

See, you are a great student! But, don’t run away, yet. There’s one more question we need to answer – how do you choose the best supplements?

Choosing mitochondrial supplements

Listen, I know you have your credit card ready. But, you don’t just place your order and fold your hands. You need to know how to choose the best mitochondrial supplement that will support your needs.

choosing the Best mitochondrial supplements

Look out for the following;

1.      Price

The price of the supplement has a lot to do with how soon you’ll feel the results.

See, I believe that if you buy a more expensive supplement, you may be unable to purchase the product the next time due to inadequate funds.

Therefore, you’ll affect how your mitochondria get the good stuff.

So, aim at choosing the best mitochondria supplements that are within your budget.

2.      Mitochondrial supplements reviews

Always strive to look at the reviews of the brand you want to buy from. What do past and recent customers saying about the product? Are they satisfied?

Checking the reviews will give you an idea of how effective the supplement is before buying.

3.      Certification

The best supplements for mitochondrial support should be certified. Yes, it should be tested, verified, and permitted by a standard board to sell its products.

Therefore, always check to see that the mitochondria supplement you are planning to buy, backs its claims through a quality checkboard.

Ready for a Healthy Mitochondria?

Feeling young and energetic? Yes, please! There is nothing as refreshing as that. But due to the life cycle, we age and tend to feel less energetic. However, the secret is out!

We can look as young as before and do all the great things we want to do. Mitochondria food and supplements are your go-to option. Go on, get one of the supplements above. Let’s look and feel young, forever!

Remember the children I told you about? They are out again playing. Off to go watch them, and enjoy the view, too. But, before I go, what are your other tips for keeping your mitochondria healthy? Head over to the comments section. Tell me all about it.


How can one increase mitochondrial biogenesis?

You can do that by feeding your mitochondria well. Aim to eat food rich in antioxidants and amino acids. Add some sulfur vegetables, and some healthy fats to your diet as well. Avoid food that spikes your blood sugar levels. Also, get good quality sleep and exercise regularly.

Why do some cells have more mitochondria than others?

The number of mitochondria in a cell varies due to the function of the cell. Muscle cell, for example, has more energy demands. Therefore, you would expect it to have more mitochondria than other cells.

How can I make my mitochondria stronger?

You can make your mitochondria stronger by engaging in high-intensity interval training, fasting, and consuming anti-inflammatory foods. You can also incorporate supplements to support and boost your mitochondria strength.

Which are the best mitochondrial dysfunction supplements?

The best mitochondrial dysfunction supplement includes L-Carnitine, B vitamins, vitamin E and C, Alpha Lopic acid, L-Creatine, and L-arginine.

How can I improve mitochondrial function?

To improve mitochondria function, aim at feeding on foods that promote and boost your mitochondria. For example, food rich in magnesium such as spinach and avocado. Also, invest in a night of good deep sleep. And don’t forget to exercise. Be on the move and get physical. One more important thing to have in your cabinet is a mitochondria supplement. A supplement will improve your mitochondrial functions without you even lifting a finger.

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