“You are so thin. You should put on some weight”. Sounds familiar? A few years ago I was very thin. It felt strange, especially when I saw people desperately trying to lose weight.

I admired people with muscular and athletic bodies, and I wanted something similar. I was just fed up with body shaming. So I looked into the easiest and most efficient weight gain products – protein powders.

In a world where every online material is focused on weight loss, I’ll give just what you need to add some kilos and work on your muscles.

But first…

What are weight gain supplements?

Most people lay too much emphasis on their calorie intake while training to gain weight. While this is crucial, it may not be so with muscles and physique. And, that’s where weight gain supplements come in.

weight gain supplements

Such will help gain much of the muscles, and not fat. Protein supplements are my favorite. These are excellent muscle gainers. Try them on your diet, you might just be able to lift your dream woman on your wedding day (ladies love it. Don’t tell anyone!).

This study on random adults shows that supplementing with proteins helps with muscle growth.

How we picked the best weight gain tablets without side effects

Make-no-mistake, all the products I stated here are as a result of a mix of both research and personal experience. That said, I considered the following while coming up with the list of the Best protein powder for weight gain;

1. Carbs to Proteins Ratio

The ratio of carbs to proteins in a good mass gainer should be 1:3 or 1:5 for professional bodybuilders and people starting out respectively.

2. Added sugar

Like it a little sweet? Well, you’ll want to drop the sugar. A good mass gainer should be low in sugar.

Too much added sugar means increased calorie intake. You don’t want that. A good weight gainer should have more nutrient calories instead.

Summary: I recommend one with not more than 6gm of sugar in every 100gm of the product.

3. Additional Nutrients

The fitness world doesn’t revolve around sugar only. Go for a product with additional nutrients like Betaine, MCT oil and Glutamine.

Creatine, for instance, will help give you that extra boost you need during an intense workout. Betaine, on the other hand, will increase your muscle size while Betaine will prevent muscle breakdown and enhance muscle gain.

4. Number of calories

Listen, I know we are trying to add weight. But, most importantly, we want to give you those power muscles.

So here’s the thing, to avoid gaining too much fat, we want to go for products with less than 1000 calories in every serving or something not slightly above that.

10 Best healthy protein powder for weight gain

1.      ON Whey Proteins

This Product from Nutrition Gold Standard has been serving humanity for the past 20 years.

The product comes loaded with an impressive 120 calorie content. And here’s the best part, it comes with 24 grams of protein content in every serving.

I especially liked the whey protein because of its low fat and calorie content. With such, you get to build your muscles without worrying about getting excessively fat.

Before you ask – the product is all-round natural. It contains whey protein isolates as its main ingredient. There’s also an additional 5.5-gram natural Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCA).

Tip: The BCCAs are famous for their ability to avoid muscle growth. They activate certain body pathways stimulating protein synthesis, hence muscle growth according to this research.

What I like:

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Has low-calorie content
  • Aids muscle growth
  • Has low-fat content

What I don’t like:

  • Only available in powder
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2.      Universal Real Gains Weight Gainer

Thanks to Universal Nutrition, we’ve enjoyed years of muscle health with their incredible products.

The weight Gainer comes loaded with whopping 50-gram protein content and low calories of up to 600 per serving. But that’s not all.

The product also boasts an incredibly low-carbs content of up to 100 grams in every serving. You don’t get carbs this low in so many supplements!

What I like:

  • Higher protein content
  • Incredibly low carbs
  • Low-calorie count

What I don’t like:

  • Some may find it expensive
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3.      True-Mass Weight Gainer

This package from BSN True Mass is the definition of value for money.

It’s a cocktail of high proteins, moderate carbs, and low fats. Talk of a whole meal in the form of a supplement.

Planning to add it to your favorite morning smoothie? Too bad. You shouldn’t or you risk increasing the already high-calorie content. You could make an exception, but only if you plan on having an intense workout session.

The product carries 5 different types of proteins, each with different digestion speeds. You can imagine how fast the results will be!

The product balances at 46 grams for every 90 grams of proteins. You’ll need to add some more carbs if you are on such diets as ketosis.

What I like:

  • High protein content
  • Faster results
  • Low-fat content

What I don’t like:

  • Has fairly high-fat content
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4.      Serious Mass Weight Gainer

Optimum Nutrition is a trusted brand in the fitness world, thanks to its high-quality products.

The product comes with 1250gm calorie, 50gm of proteins, 250gm carbohydrates, and 5gm fats per serving.

Are you a vegetarian? Well, this may not be for you. The supplement also comes loaded with vital minerals like MCT and glutamine.

What I like:

  • High protein content
  • Easy absorption
  • Low-fat content
  • No added sugar

What I don’t like:

  • Non-vegetarian
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5.      Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

Optimum Nutrition is the brains behind some of the best supplements in the fitness industry.

The supplement comes loaded with 60 grams of proteins, 650 calories, and 85 grams, 8 grams per serving.

Make-no-mistake, the protein content here is a combination of egg and dairy protein, what we would otherwise call high-quality proteins, according to this research.

What I like:

  • Low-calorie content
  • Low-carb supplement
  • High-quality protein

What I don’t like:

  • Only available in two flavors
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6.      Carnivor Mass

The 6th in our list is a product from MuscleMeds – one of the most trusted brands in the fitness world.

I especially loved this product because of the unique source of protein content. Instead of dairy products, MuscleMeds isolates its proteins from beef. That comes with an extra 5gm of creatine monohydrate.

One serving of the supplement contains 720gm calories, 50gm proteins, 125 gm carbs, and 2gm fat.


Note: Creatine is one of the best supplements for extra muscle strength and power. not convinced? Let’s see if this 2017 research will convince you.

What I like:

  • High protein content
  • Extra creatine monohydrate for extra muscle strength
  • Available in Vanilla Caramel, strawberry, chocolate peanut butter and Chocolate Fudge

What I don’t like:

  • Fairly higher calorie content
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7.      Mass Tech

Mass Tech is yet another product from MuscleTech that makes it on this list, thanks to its impressive composition.

The product comes loaded with 840 calories, 63 grams proteins, 132 grams carbs, and 7 grams fat in each serving.

But that’s not all. The product also comes with an extra 10 gm Creatine Monohydrate in every serving. And, here’s the best part, it also comes with branched amino acids. You know what that means for your muscles – massive growth and excellent health.

What I like:

  • Comes with extra Creatine monohydrate
  • Loaded with branched amino acids for extra muscle growth
  • High protein content

What I don’t like:

  • High-calorie content
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8.      Quest Nutrition Protein Powder

I’m a big fan of protein powders – you must know that by now. It’s for a good course, though.

So what brings this product to the list?

The package comes with a whooping 25gm proteins in every serving (you noticed the ‘protein’ in its name uh). But that’s not all. It also carries 4 grams of carbs and less than 1gm of sugar. Impressive, right?

Get this – it comes with zero fat, and that more lean muscle mass (if you watch your calorie intake, of course)

What I like:

  • High protein content
  • Has zero fat content
  • Low-calorie content
  • Comes in 9 different flavors

What I don’t like:

  • Some may find it expensive
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9.      Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

Dymatize is one of the genuine products that live up to its promise. It’s one of the best high-calorie mass gainers.

It comes loaded with 1gm creatine monohydrate in every serving. Seems less? No worries. You can add some creatine to enjoy the best results.

It also comes packed with 1280 calories, a whooping 52gms of proteins – mainly from whey, egg, and casein. The product carries 246gms of carbs and 9gms of fat. Not bad, right?

What I like:

  • High protein content
  • Low-fat content
  • Comes in 3 different flavors

What I don’t like:

  • Low creatine content
Buy Dymatize Super Mass Gainer Now

10.  Stacked Protein Gainer

Closing our list is the incredible Stacked Protein Gainer from Evlution Nutrition – one of the most trusted brands.

The product carries whey – an easily digestible protein from dairy. That makes digestion even easier, according to this research.

I know – this might not be what makes this supplement appear on this list, but it’s one of the things I love about it.

Stacked protein gainer comes with 1250 calories, 50 grams protein, 250 grams carbs and 6 grams of fats per serving.

What I like:

  • High protein content
  • Comes with whey protein

What I don’t like:

  • Only comes in 2 flavors – chocolate and vanilla ice cream
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Why do I need the supplements?

1.      Weight Gain And Muscle Growth

The secret to adding weight is merely consuming more calories than you burn. Don’t get too excited, yet, there’s more.

Keeping the carbs moderate and the proteins high will not only have you adding weight but building muscles, too. So you can get that athletic body you’ve always desired!

The supplements in this article supply your body with creatine, proteins, and carbs for more weight and faster muscle growth.

Why do I need the supplements?

2.      Improved Performance

Considering going hard at the gym? Good for you.

So here’s the thing, these supplements are rich in carbs which will give you the extra energy to work out.

Some even come with extra proteins and amino acids, all of which can be useful during intense workout sessions.

3.      Better Digestive Health

Yes, you read that right! Most of these supplements are rich in fiber. Such will keep your digestive system in good health. They help improve your digestion and eliminate common digestive problems like bloating.

4.      Muscle Recovery

According to this 2007 research, proteins and carbohydrates can help with muscle damage and recovery.

These weight gainers contain both carbs and proteins. Consuming them before and after workouts will help your muscles recover faster after injuries. You can read more tips of muscle recovery in this post.

5.      Convenient

You don’t need rocket science to prepare most of these supplements for consumption. Most of them are powdered. You just need to add it to your favorite drink and viola! It’s ready for consumption.

No special skills, or following complicated recipes. Everything is straightforward. It doesn’t get easier than that, does it?

Note: taking these supplements with your meals will not only help you gain weight but keep it. go on, try it.

How to choose weight gain powder without side effects

Remember the criteria I used to come up with this list? Use that when choosing suitable weight gainers without side effects. Can’t remember? (oh boy!) Let’s go through it again;

  • Go for ones with higher proteins than carbs
  • Avoid gainers with added sugar
  • Keep the calories at a minimum, or moderate
  • Go for products with additional nutrients

Ready To Add Some Weight?

Adding weight can sound like simple math, just consuming more calories and burning less. Now, I know I love math but, take easy champ.

Really, it takes much more than that. Remember, you don’t want to add excess fat and end up obese. How about you add weight and get that athletic physique you’ve always dreamed of.

These protein powder for weight gain aren’t magic pills. But, they can be a ticket to your dream if you use them correctly, thanks to their nutritional composition. Get yourself one, and put those body shamers to shame!

Any product you feel should be on this list, more tips maybe? Let me know in the comments.


Are there weight gainer supplements without side effects?

The weight gainer supplements didn’t show any serious side effects while I was using them. However, work closely with your healthcare provider to choose a supplement that won’t put you at the risk. Similarly, ensure you take the recommended dosage to avoid unhealthy weight gain and risk of diabetes.

How do I get the best protein powder for weight gain without side effects?

The products on the list are some of the best in the market. With your doctor, choose one that will best serve and follow the link to purchase it.

How Do I manage weight gain supplements side effects?

By using the recommended dosage. Also, consulting your doctor before use will help you avoid unforeseen complications. Staying hydrated, having enough rest, and adopting a healthy diet will also help.

What are the best protein powder for female weight gain without side effects?

The products shared here are suitable for both genders. Choose your preferred one and use it.

Where can I buy protein powder for weight gain without side effects in India?

From the official company website. Alternately, you can also order your preferred product from Amazon, or any online store of your choice.

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