I’m a big fan of green tea. I honestly think it’s one of the best weight loss remedies out there.

Here’s another thing that I love – Africa! A visit to Africa is one of those things you want to do in your lifetime – if it kills you.

So, to hear that there’s another type of tea from Africa that promises to outdo green tea, I said, why not. I had to give it a shot.

The red tea promises to detoxify your body and boost your mood, immune system, and chances of losing weight.

Too much, you think? Liz Swann Miller – the founder of the Red tea Detox Program, says her visit to Africa to find a solution wasn’t in vain.

So, what really is the red tea detox program? What does it do? Is it worth the praise? Here’s a cocktail of my research and experience with this African magic (as I love to call it).

Ready? We start with introductions;

Note: Though red tea can serve as an excellent alternative for green tea, they are not related. Red tea is herbal and can be consumed normally like black tea.

What Is the Red Tea Detox Program?

the read tea detoxIt’s a herbal tea that promises maximum weight loss in a matter of weeks when consumed regularly. Did I just say weeks? Yes, weeks! At least that’s what its author claims.

The program is designed to detoxify your body and keep it free from any possible toxins. That, if you ask me, is the safest and the quickest way to lose extra pounds.

The Red tea detox program basically buries the cliché of a weight loss program being too demanding, painful, and with a restrictive diet.

Here’s something that is not only easy to use but will activate your taste buds, too. How about that!

Did you know? Red tea, also called Rooibos tea, or bush tea, comes from fermented leaves of Aspalathus linearis – a popular south African shrub

How Does the Red Tea Detox Program Work?

how the Red Tea Detox Program workPretty straightforward, if you ask me. And that’s one thing detox teas have in common. You hardly have a hard time using them.

This West African herb works by curbing cravings, boosting metabolism, and cleansing your body of toxins.

Make-no-mistake, Detox tea isn’t just an ordinary tea recipe but a whole program that’s here to get rid of all the junk in your body.

The Red Tea Detox Program basically focuses on three key areas;

  1. Diet – Eat More

Diet is a crucial element of every weight loss program. The Red Tea Detox program isn’t any different.

However, unlike the usual weight loss programs, the red tea detox program doesn’t restrict what you eat. Instead, it takes on the “eat-more” approach.

This section’s focus is on cleansing your body. The high-energy foods suggested here will cleanse your body of any toxins that could affect metabolism.

  1. Exercise less

A weight loss program without regular productive workouts would simply be unsuccessful.

The Red Tea Detox program incorporates productive workouts that’ll help you burn fat in the shortest time.

The only difference is the program advocates for working out Smart instead of hard. Pretty smart, right?

You only have to identify your sweet Spot – the intensity level your body can reach for maximum fat burning. Just this is enough for the program to have an amazing effect on your body.

  1. Don’t stress. Mindset is everything

Let’s face it – dieting can be stressful. Just the thought of having to cut on some foods and incorporate other boring ones makes you feel uncomfortable.

However, a positive mindset is key here. Once you develop a positive attitude, everything else will just work itself out, naturally.

Enough of the preaching. How about we get into what this program has to offer?

Red Tea Detox Program Health Benefits

Still with me? Let’s see what this self-proclaimed African giant has to offer;

1.      Excellent detox abilities

Red tea is packed with antioxidants, according to this recent research, hence its excellent detox abilities.

The product works by opening up your cells so they can release toxins that can either affect your metabolism and weight loss journey or your general wellness.

For further weight loss, the product promises to help unclog your fat cells to avoid fats accumulating in your body.

Note: Despite red tea being full of antioxidants, research shows that they may not be fully absorbed by your body.

2.      Rapid muscle growth

Bigger muscles, too? Yes, the Red tea detox seems to be having a lot to offer.

So, here’s the thing – remember when we said the product helps unclog your fat cells? Yes, the fats don’t go to waste. Instead, they’re used as energy.

This energy is, in turn, useful for many body processes, including muscle growth.

The fat burning is also a boost for metabolism. And, I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but higher metabolism is key for bigger, leaner muscles.

3.      Improved immune system

red tea and improved immunityMost weight loss programs are less concerned about your immune system. In fact, most of them end up being a threat to your immunity.

So, why should we trust you, Mr. Red tea detox program? I was tempted to ask that, too.

Well, Mr. Red tea says he has strong antioxidants that’ll clean up your system of any toxins. This way, you’ll be free from disease-causing pathogens.

Red tea is also more food than a supplement. That’s exactly what you need for a stronger immune system.

4.      Helps with weight loss

red tea detox and weight lossLooking to shed off some pounds? Well, that’s one of the things the Red tea program is best at.

The higher rate of metabolism will help you lose weight in a healthy, faster way.

The author says it took her three weeks to lose a significant amount of weight. It took me, on the other hand, about 2 months to shed off some pounds.

While you might take longer or shorter to lose weight, you’ll eventually lose it.

The best thing about the Red Tea Detox program is you’ll lose weight without having to follow some restrictive and sickening diet and working yourself out to death.

Since the program focuses on eating good amounts of food, you won’t have to skip meals as a method of losing weight.

Skipping meals is an unhealthy way of losing weight. Even worse, you risk gaining even more weight.

5.      Boosts your mood

Feeling low? A bad day at the office? Monday blues, maybe? Well, a cup of Red tea detox will do just fine.

The product puts your body in a peaceful and relaxed state, so it works at its best. It also promises to maintain normal blood sugar levels, so you don’t feel worked out.

What’s more – the product will boost your energy levels and leave you feeling energized and refreshed. As such, feeling too tired in the middle of the day will be a thing of the past.

6.      Reduced cholesterol levels

Unconfirmed reports link red tea to reduced cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is dangerous to your health and increases your risk of heart diseases and obesity.

High cholesterol levels mean lots of fat deposits will be left on your arteries. That will, in turn, affect the normal blood flow leading to a heart attack or stroke.

The Red tea promises to wash your body of any cholesterol. It also prevents others from forming by slowing down the entry of dietary fats into your body.

Red Tea Detox Program Side Effects

red tea side effectsThe red tea, just like other detox teas are harmless. However, such could send you running to the bathroom every few minutes to empty your bladder and colon. And, this might not be safe.

Other users have also experienced;

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritation

Still with me? Awesome. Let’s do a quick summary of its pros and cons

Summary: Red tea is generally safe and cases of severe side effects are extremely rare.

Red Tea Detox Program pros and cons

What I like:

  • Encourages faster weight loss
  • Flexible diet
  • No severe side effects
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Boasts a great taste
  • Has no artificial ingredients

What I don’t like:

  • Requires discipline and commitment to follow
  • You’ll pay extra for the audio

Verdict – Is The Red Tea Program Worth The Shot?

The Detox Red tea program is slowly taking over the fitness and weight loss world. But unlike other natural teas, this one comes with a lot to offer. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just detoxify your body, the Red tea program is great at what it does.

Here’s to a natural product with no artificial ingredients. And, what’s more – you can lose weight without having to follow a restrictive diet or intense workout.

The red tea program is set to help boost your immunity and mood. Reduce your cholesterol levels and help with muscle growth.

So, ready to sign up? Get yourself a cup, too.


What is the Red Tea Detox Program?

It’s a detoxification program meant to help with faster weight loss. It offers a comprehensive solution to body detoxification, weight loss, and general wellness. It covers every aspect of physical and mental health.

Can the Red tea program help with weight loss?

Yes! The tea is low on calories and contains powerful antioxidants that’ll rid your body of harmful pathogens leading to faster weight loss.

Are there side effects of red tea?

Red tea is generally safe. Though more research is still needed, there haven’t been any severe side effects ever reported.

Does the Red tea really work?

Yes. Red tea is a natural antioxidant whose work not only revolves around weight loss but riding your body of toxins.

Who should be on the Red tea Detox Program?

Anyone, young or old, looking to lose weight. Red tea is also good for those looking to enjoy its antioxidant properties, boost immunity, and grow some muscles.


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