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10 Best Weight Loss Camp for Adults

Let’s face it – losing even a single pound can be a nightmare. When the exercises, diets, and everything else doesn’t seem to be working, finding the missing piece of the puzzle can be difficult. How about I show you the missing piece? Sounds good? I thought so.

Losing weight isn’t only about looking good, but feeling good too. Well, a fat camp is the missing piece. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t believe in magic pills. So, while this isn’t a quick-fix for weight loss, its effectiveness speaks for itself.

Table of Contents
  • What Are Weight Loss Camps For Adults?
  • The 11 Best weight loss camps in 2020
    • 1. Hilton Head Health
    • 2. Fit Farm
    • 3. Cal-a-Vie Health Spa
    • 4. Red Mountain Resort
    • 5. The Biggest Loser Resort
    • 6.     Canyon Ranch Tuscon
    • 7. Mountain Trek
    • 8. Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa
    • 9. Green Mountain, Fox Run
    • 10.The Ranch
    • 11. Unite Fitness Retreat
  • Pros And Cons Of Weight Loss Camps
    • Pros
    • Cons
  • How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Camps
  • What Are The Types Of Weight Loss Camps For Adults?
    • 1. Mental Health Camps for Adults
    • 2. Glamorous spa retreats
    • 3. Health Retreats
    • 4. Weight Loss Camps
    • 5. Fitness Wellness
    • 6. Spiritual wellness retreats
  • How Much Do Wellness Camps Cost?
  • What Are Some Weight Loss Camps Activities?
    • Fitness Classes
    • Spa
    • Nutrition Wellness
    • Counseling
    • Emotional wellness
    • Outdoor Weight Loss Retreats
  • Weight Loss Camps FAQs
    • Should I attend a weight loss boot camp near me?
    • Are Weight Loss Camps Effective?
    • How Do I Finance My Weight Loss Camp Retreat?

What Are Weight Loss Camps For Adults?

A weight-loss camp, also called weight loss boot camp, is a vacation-like destination designed for weight loss. Here’s a chance for you to fully focus on losing weight and getting that dream body – you look much better with it.

These weight loss retreats for adults will not only help you lose weight, but also boost your esteem, and help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. So, forget the cliché of endless marching and boring diets, weight loss camps for women offer much more. Stay with me.

The weight loss spa-like environment, excellent food, is medicinal to the soul. And it doesn’t end there. These weight loss resorts put together a team of experienced physicians, dietitians, trainers, and psychologists, all of who want to see you lose that extra pound for good.

The sessions likely last for a week, but mostly between four to six weeks. The stay period and activities of a fitness boot camp retreat depend on your fitness goal and the fat loss camp you choose.

The 11 Best weight loss camps in 2020

Looking to shed some kilos and maintain psychological wellness in a spa-like environment? Consider the following weight loss retreats;

1. Hilton Head Health

Looking to lose a few pounds? 50+, maybe? This South Carolina based resort is the place for you. The four-week retreat is especially suitable for people with chronic weight issues. Relax, it’ll be a healthy vacation, perhaps the best you’ll ever have.

Upon arrival, you’ll meet a health specialist with whom you’ll discuss fitness issues and set goals for your stay. You’ll then choose your preferred fitness class.

  • Activities: Scheduled exercises, meals, nutrition, and health classes are the order of the day here. Can’t stand fitness activities? Well, you’ll have lots of that throughout your stay.
  • Counseling: Hilton Head has a 28-day program called the LoseWell4 program aimed at helping with mental wellness. The program includes both individual and group weekly sessions.
  • After-care service: Transitioning back home doesn’t have to be a non-pleasant experience anymore. However, the Hilton Head makes it easier for you through its after-care program.
  • Meals: The fat boot camp works on a 1200 to1400-calorie-meals a day policy.
  • Cost: You’ll spend $2,850 or more per week. Booking 60 days in advance will get you a discount. Additionally, being a frequent guest will also save you some bucks.

2. Fit Farm

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this weight-loss resort is the ultimate solution to weight and general wellness. The program is divided into three levels, which also determine the activities you’ll undertake.

Military personnel? Bride-to-be? No worries. The fitness resort caters for the needs of a variety of groups.

Activities: The three fitness levels of the program help in setting long-term goals, daily fitness activities, and assessing the general progress. The program has 12 fitness goals in which you can choose to participate in such activities as yoga, boxing, and resistance training. And a little fun isn’t bad, right? Fit Farm has the Whippy Barn consisting of various stations.

Meals: Instead of crash diets, Fit Farm focusses on activating your taste buds with lasting healthy diets. Locally sourced foods define quality. How does grilled tilapia sound? How about frittatas and cheeseburgers? Well, there’s that, and more.

Accommodation: Don’t worry, you’ll have the royalty accommodation you deserve. Executive single and suites available are up to standard with state-of-the-art amenities like TVs, laundry facilities, et cetera.

Cost: The price depends on your preferred duration of stay and accommodation choice. Make-no-mistake – the longer you stay, the lesser the weekly fee. There are special discounts for families, locals, military and frequent customers.

3. Cal-a-Vie Health Spa

Cal-a-Vie Health Spa is in Vista, California. The resort offers three, four, and seven-night packages – inclusive of healthy meals, fitness programs, and spa.

  • Activities: This residential boot camp has a place for everyone in the fitness space. The finesse classes are based on flexibility and balance, agility, cardio conditioning, and strength.
  • Extras: Need some moments with your girls? Then the Women-only weeks’ program will serve you right. The resort also has a program called WellnessFX, which, through a blood test, gives you vital information about your metabolism and overall health.
  • Cost: You’ll spend between $9,000 and $9,400 for the seven-night package.

4. Red Mountain Resort

This Southern Utah-based fitness resort is yet another viable option. The resort offers personalized seven-day weight loss program for your improved health and general well-being.

You’ll have something to smile about after a week-long magical spa-treatments, fitness classes, and of course, a healthy diet.

Activities: The wellness resort has fitness classes and guided hikes. You’ll also undergo personal metabolic testing, training, nutritional value, and one-on-one sessions with emotional wellness specialists to help curb emotional roadblocks.

Cost: How does $2,200 for the seven nights sound?

5. The Biggest Loser Resort

This fat boot camp for adults has three all-inclusive locations offering fitness programs and nutritional education – Amelia Island, Florida, Palm Desert, California, and Niagara, New York.

  • Activities: You’ll access nutritional education, focusing on healthy eating. Do you know the difference between emotional and intuitive eating? You’ll learn that too, so you can start making better food choices.
  • Cost: a seven-night stay will cost you between $2,400 and $3,200. Can’t afford that? No worries. The resort partners with Prosper Healthcare Lending so you can access financing. Additionally, the resort gives a 10% discount to veterans, military personnel and those who book ten weeks earlier

6.     Canyon Ranch Tuscon

Based in Tuscon, AZ, the resort is the proud innovator of the Life Enhancement Center, offering unique weekly programs focusing on jumpstarting weight loss. The program mainly focuses on healthy eating, productive exercise, and mindfulness.

Activities: The program advocates for healthy food, nutrition, life management, fitness, and access to medical experts. In the end, you’ll have established life-long healthy habits.

Cost: you’ll need $1,090 per night. Start saving now.

Extras: You’ll have exclusive access to a fully-equipped spa with four pools and over 225 services.

7. Mountain Trek

Are you craving some hike? This program is for you. The weeklong British Columbia mountain retreat will leave you feeling rejuvenated, and lighter after losing some kilos. With the Nordic Trekking poles, you’ll burn lots of calories and do your muscles some justice.

Other Activities: Massage, yoga, fitness classes are the order of the day. Top it all up with some fresh spa meals adhering to all dietary restrictions, and you’ll be good to go. The breathtaking view is also therapeutic. You’ll leave feeling healthy, inspired, energized, and recharged.

Extras: Weekly body assessment to ascertain the effects of the program.

Cost: It’ll cost you $5,100 for the week.

8. Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

Set at Nature’s breathtaking beauty in the Sonoran Desert, the resort utilizes the mindfulness-based to health and general wellness.

Get this: the outdoor activities in the mountains and desert run all-year-round. Here’s a chance for you to renew your body and mental health.

Activities: What activities improve your health? Outdoor adventure? Fitness classes? Cooking workshops? You have a choice to make. You can also dance your way to weight loss, thanks to the High-Intensity Dance Cardio, their Socanomics DVD.

Cost: You might want to dig deeper into your pockets. An all-inclusive package costs $649 per night.

9. Green Mountain, Fox Run

This women-only fat camp for adults has enjoyed 40 years of excellent weight loss retreat, promoting healthy living in Vermont’s magical Green Mountains.The program is especially suitable for women struggling with emotional eating or battling such conditions as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

A group of dedicated trainers, therapists, and dietitians will go out of their way to help you develop a healthy living.

Activities: sick of boring diets and tons of restrictions? Well, Green mountains’ utilizes a zero-diet and zero-restrictions and zero-rules approach to wellness.

Cost: You’ll pay $3,000 per week, inclusive of meals, accommodation, health assessments, fitness, workshops, et cetera.

10.The Ranch

The Ranch is an all-in-one retreat with a strict-boot-camp approach. The short Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village retreats are worth a shot. Longer retreats at its Santa Monica Mountains ranch is also something to look forward to.

Duration: A typical program lasts seven days. However, the resort can make exceptions depending on your goals. You can choose between the 4-day and the 10-day retreats.

Activities: Daily long hikes (4 hours) and regimented diets to promote endurance hence enhanced wellness. The lifestyle physical program gives you the chance to access more information about your body through nursing evaluation, blood analysis, and fitness consultation.

Cost: A weeklong stay will cost you $7,200. However, you can access exclusive discounts for a prolonged stay.

11. Unite Fitness Retreat

This all-in-one weight loss and health retreat camp is based in Salt Lake City. The program goes for between one and over five weeks, depending on your health and fitness goal.

Activities: Members enjoy the stay and the state-of-the-art fitness facility at the magnificent Radisson Hotel. Here’s a chance to learn everything about healthy nutrition and making sound meal choices. The program also involves a practical trip to the grocery, and restaurants for those night outs, or if cooking isn’t your thing.

Cost: The fees range between $2,800 and $3,500 weekly, depending on the duration of your stay.

Pros And Cons Of Weight Loss Camps


  • Effective in losing excess weight
  • Suitable and safe environment for weight loss
  • Access to a healthy diet
  • A chance to socialize
  • A chance to visit a new area
  • Attaining fitness goals


  • They could prove expensive, thousands of dollars, depending on your preferred duration of stay
  • Could prove intense, especially if you’re not used to getting physical
  • It is mentally tough

How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Camps

Deciding to join a weight loss camp is one thing, but knowing which one to pick is yet another. With many available camps claiming to be providing the services you need, choosing the best option can be a daunting task.

You’ll want to consider the following before calling the shots;

  • Fitness goal: What is your fitness goal? The most crucial step is identifying your goal, then looking for a boot camp that aligns with them.
  • Cost: Many programs’ charges are all-inclusive. However, there could be additional charges and other hidden charges. Find out what the cost covers and what it doesn’t.
  • The weight loss camp near me: Joining one near your home could be the best option if you’re not the traveling type. This way, if you have medical conditions, it’d be easier for physicians to assist during emergencies.
  • Services offered: Though most of their services work with meal plans and fitness programs, it would be unwise to assume a boot camp is providing the services you need. Be sure to conduct your due diligence.
  • The physical activities: Identify the kind of exercises a boot camp offers that align with your fitness goal. They should consider your underlying health conditions.
  • The number of participants in the program: While some may prefer large groups, others like keeping a small circle. Which one are you?
  • Dietary needs: Don’t assume that every program’s meal plan will go well with you. Find out their dietary restrictions in advance.

What Are The Types Of Weight Loss Camps For Adults?

1. Mental Health Camps for Adults

Mental health camps work toward fighting depression and achieving mental wellness. The productive therapy sessions with professionals will give you surefire tips for handling day-to-day life stress.

Fitness activities, outdoor retreats, and occasional spa retreats are the order of the day here. Such retreats will come in handy during those times when you suffer anxiety and crave for even a one-minute of some lone moment.

2. Glamorous spa retreats

Craving some feel-good moments? I’m thinking facials, therapeutic massages, and wrap treatments. Mind-blowing, right? Yes- you can experience all that. Who said losing weight must be all painful?

Lots of fat camps near me include these detox therapies to help in weight loss. Such enables you to achieve your weight loss goals without pushing over limits.

3. Health Retreats

Healthy retreats are often a cocktail of outdoor fitness and relaxing activities. And, yes – good food too. These will help in achieving general health wellness. You’ll be taught all about healthy eating and how to make sound lifetime choices.

4. Weight Loss Camps

The best weight loss camps have programs especially suited for overweight or have a history of medical problems. Such weight loss boot camp for adults starts with medical examination with blood tests and other exams.

Make-no-mistake, though. Some of these camps will charge you extra for these services. But it’s worth it. Most camps work with professional physicians who make necessary adjustments to your diet and fix your fitness routine.

If you have severe underlying medical conditions like diabetes and heart conditions, this weight loss retreat for adults will do you right.

5. Fitness Wellness

Exercise camps for adults focus on offering fitness classes and personalized training. These fitness camps for adults incorporate major outdoor activities to hasten weight loss and help maintain your new shape.

Sporting activities such as soccer and tennis, cycling, and hiking are common things in a workout camp for adults. This is a boot camp for overweight adults looking to shed off some pounds. Go for fitness retreats that you enjoy doing. This way, you’ll be more productive.

6. Spiritual wellness retreats

Taking a holistic approach to health wellness is a positive addition to the physical and mental health wellness roadmap. Most fat farms for adults utilize medicine treatments and therapies like yoga, meditation, and chakra cleansing to achieve spiritual wellness.

How Much Do Wellness Camps Cost?

Most wellness camp charges are all-inclusive – the cost includes meals, accommodation, personal training, fitness classes, and nutritional wellness. Depending on the place, and extra amenities, wellness camps charge an average of $3,000 a week. Ready to enroll? Consider the following price determinants;

  • Special discounts: Most weight loss resorts for adults offer special discounts to such groups as military personnel and locals. Be on the lookout for such. Others also give the early-bird offer for those who book early. Be on the lookout for these, and more. Go on, save yourself some bucks.
  • Taxes and hidden fees: Fitness camps don’t include local taxes and other possible hidden charges on their websites. Before committing, be sure to enquire about such. Or you might just spend double what you thought you would.
  • Travel Expenses: Include the flying or driving cost during the fitness boot camp vacation. Check out for discounts on these too.
  • Extra charges: Make-no-mistake – the all-inclusive cost may, at times, leave out some expenses. Such things as individual lessons and massage could cost you more. Ask about such to avoid inconveniences.

What Are Some Weight Loss Camps Activities?

Fitness Classes

These are the backbone of weight loss programs. Your goals, preferred duration, and health conditions will determine the fitness classes to choose.

Everyday fitness activities include yoga, hiking, cycling, spinning, and aerobics. While you can choose which physical activities to take part in, it’s better to involve a professional to help with the same.


Craving some feel-good moments? Try weight loss spa services. Weight loss camps aren’t only about losing weight but mental wellness too. These spa services will leave you feeling rejuvenated and motivated.

Nutrition Wellness

Yes – they meant it when they threw in the you-are-what-you-eat phrase. Nutrition is an integral part of weight loss and general health wellness.

Nutrition classes in weight loss camps will help you adopt a healthy diet and eating habits. The type of food and method of preparation is a part of such classes. The trained dietitians in this program will help with such.


Weight loss vacations include behavior change, which involves dropping some inappropriate behaviors and adopting new ones necessary for positive growth. Weight loss camp programs often involve behavior counseling to drop such habits as overeating to avoid additional weight gain.

Emotional wellness

Spiritual and emotional wellness are also crucial aspects of general health wellness. Most weight loss camps include meditation, hypnosis, et cetera, as a part of the program.

Outdoor Weight Loss Retreats

If you’re die-hard hiking, backpacking, and cycling fan, then this is for you. These calorie-torching activities are the ultimate solution to weight loss. These programs encourage outdoor exploration, endurance, and self-discovery. So, apart from losing weight, you’ll also develop sound mental wellness.

Weight Loss Camps FAQs

The decision to lose weight, keep fit, and achieve mental wellness is a bold one, yet crucial. Through weight loss camps, you’ll learn things that will impact the rest of your life. We understand that you could be having lots of questions. We’ve given expert responses to your frequent questions. Check them out;

Should I attend a weight loss boot camp near me?


  • Your health is a priority: Your health is not worth a compromise. One way of showing this is by keeping fit. Weight loss camps have suitable programs that will positively impact your physical and mental health.
  • Experts: Weight loss camps work in collaboration with such experts as physicians, dietitians therapists – all of who want to help you achieve general health wellness.

Are Weight Loss Camps Effective?

Yes. Weight loss camps will jumpstart your journey to weight loss and general health wellness. It is one of the excellent solutions to short-term weight loss. For long-term weight loss, go for programs with the following;

  • Trainer sessions: Most programs support online or one-on-one sessions with trainers who’ll help you stick to the plan, check your progress, and give you that push to go hard.
  • Meal Plans: Most fitness camps near me offer lifetime diet plans for its members. Some even go further to deliver the food right in your doorstep. Amazing, right? Such will help develop healthy diets that’ll keep you fit for life.

How Do I Finance My Weight Loss Camp Retreat?

Times are hard; even I know that. Other than cash, you can explore the following payment options;

  • Healthcare Financing: Health credit and insurance companies can help with medical expenses. Weight loss programs are such expenses.
  • HSA or FSA: A proper doctor documentation can grant you financing from your Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account. Your administrator should be able to enlighten you on the requirements and restrictions.

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