Nearly 90% of people who lose massive amounts of weight eventually gain it all back. But did you know with weight loss resources you could be among the 10% who lose weight for good?

Weight loss, as a concept, is quite simple; reduce the number of calories that you consume daily significantly, and the pounds will start coming off.

As simple as it sounds, however, the sobering statistic above shows just how difficult it can be to keep the extra pounds away for good.

For most people, the biggest impediment to weight loss and its subsequent management is their lifestyle. You must be disciplined in how you eat, drink, sleep, and deal with stress.

And then, you must get regular exercise.

Theoretically, turning to a more disciplined lifestyle is all it takes to lose and keep away extra weight. But this is easier said than done.

This is where weight loss resources come in.

The best weight loss resources typically have everything you need not only to help you lose weight but also to keep it away. They include tracking websites, weight loss resources apps among others. Therefore, they are more of lifestyle guides when it comes to fitness and health.

What are Weight Loss Resources?

These are all types of tools that can offer a helping hand in your weight loss journey by providing valuable information.

The best of these resources should not only provide you with weight loss info and tips but also feature practical tools such as BMI calculators and calorie counters.

They should also allow you to set your goals for accountability purposes. Therefore, by encouraging self-monitoring, weight loss resources significantly reduce the chances of falling back to old habits.

Best Weight Loss Resources: Apps and Sites

1. Calorie Count – Best Overall

Calorie Count is a website that features a logging function to allow you to track your weight, activity levels, and food intake. This site also allows you to find the best foods for your calorie needs. To access this, go to the “Food & Recipe” tab. There, you will find numerous types of foods as well as their nutritional values.

Calorie Count’s Foods database also has a coupon tab where you can find coupons in stores near you by entering your zip code.

In the activity session, you will find loads of different exercises that will help you lose weight. Calorie Count has categorized different activities according to the number of calories they can help you lose in a given period. This means that as you get fitter, you can take on more intense exercises.

The other benefit of this categorization technique is that it allows you to create measurable goals, as you can choose the number of calories you want to lose in a day.

Under the “Exercise Log”, you can either customize a program or follow the structured programs offered by Calorie Count.

There is also a ‘Tools’ section that contains a BMI calculator, as well as valuable information on food habits and calorie burning.

Calorie Count is an excellent resource that you should consider checking out. It might take a while to understand how to use it, but it will be a smooth sail once you get the hang of it. Calorie Count also has an app for mobile devices for added convenience.

Visit Calorie Count Now

2. Calorie King – Best Food Database App

Calorie King is a food database whose aim is to help people manage their diet more effectively. This program features a food and exercise diary and offers tips and a step-by-step guide to weight loss goals. This site also has a “Community” platform where you can meet other individuals who are on the same path as you.

Calorie King Weight loss app

A key feature of Calorie King is that it allows you to compare the nutritional content of various food items, thus allowing you to make better food choices.

This website also has a feature that allows you to synchronize your diary on the program with your computer or mobile device for more convenience. What’s more, the program can support diary entries for up to five different people. As such, it is a good resource for families looking to embark on this journey as a unit.

Calorie King has a 7-day free trial period. If you are happy with the service, you can use it at the cost of $12 a month.

Visit Calorie King Now

3. Everyday Health – Best Among “Food and Fitness” Weight Loss Resources

Everyday Health is an online resource that is dedicated to providing health information. The website has a “Food and Fitness” section where you can find information on diet and nutrition, recipes and cooking techniques, as well as fitness advice.

This site also has a tool called “My Calorie Counter” that helps you to measure your weight loss progress. This tool helps you measure progress by recording the number of calories that you are consuming and burning each day based on the foods you have been consuming, as well as your activity levels.

Everyday Health: Weight Loss Resources

Everyday Health has a community section consisting of forums and groups where you can exchange ideas with other people who are on the same journey as yourself. There is also a blog section containing articles that address the most pressing issues that people losing weight commonly face.

Other useful tools that this website has include a “Glucose Tracker” to help you manage the amount of sugar that you are consuming, as well as a BMI and body fat calculator. There is also a “Pollen Counter”, as well.

If you are having problems figuring out what to eat, consider utilizing the “Meal Planner,” as it has a professionally prepared menu and recipes for your goals.

This resource is free and even has a mobile phone app.

Visit Everyday Health Now

4. FitDay – Best For its Calorie Counter

FitDay is an online resource that contains a variety of tools to help you attain your weight loss and fitness objectives. Some of these tools include a calorie counter, food journal, exercise diary, weight loss tracker, as well as performance metric indicators such as graphical reporting.

FitDay Fitness AppHowever, FitDay’s food database is not as comprehensive as we would like it to be. Nonetheless, it contains the majority of foods that you are likely to consume when dieting.

Worth mentioning is its tracking tool that allows you to keep check of the number of calories that you consume and burn.

There is a blog section where you can find information on fitness, diet, and general health and wellness. This section has a forum where people meet to discuss and exchange notes.

While FitDay is a free resource, for an annual cost of $49.00, you will get premium membership, which comes with perks such as custom tracking and detailed reports, in addition to enjoying an ad-free experience on the site. Alternatively, you can download the entire program onto your PC for $29.95 and use it without having to connect to the internet.

Visit FitDay Now

5. Lose It! – Best Among Food-Search Weight Loss Resources

Lose It is a website dedicated to helping you find the best food for your needs. It was initially designed as an iPhone app but is now a fully-fledged site.

Lose It allows you to refine your food search by restaurant or supermarket, thereby allowing you to know whether an establishment has the kinds of foods that you are looking for.

LooseIt App: Best Weight Loss Resources

This resource also has a “Motivators” section where you can share your progress with other Lose It members on Twitter and Facebook. You get rewarded with badges for making progress.

Lose It is free. It also has an app for mobile devices.

Visit LoseIt Now

6. LiveStrong – Best Healthy Eating Fitness App

LiveStrong is a health and wellness resource developed by the legendary cyclist, Lance Armstrong. This site contains a diverse array of informative and easy-to-read content on fitness, nutrition, and general health.

Under the “Eat Healthy” section, you will find several useful weight management tools, such as healthy recipes, “MyPlate”, and “MyPlateD” (for people with diabetes). The “MyPlate” tools allow you to find the best foods for your weight loss goals.

LiveStrong is a health and wellness resourceAfter finding the ideal foods for you, you can utilize the” Recipes Tool’ to get the best recipes.

LiveStrong also has a ‘Get Fit’ section where you can find several tools that will help you lose and manage your weight. These include fitness programs, a Target Heart Rate Calculator, Body Fat Calculator, and a BMI Calculator.

There is also a tool known as “Loops” that allows you to map your walking, cycling, hiking, or running routes and share them with others. Additionally, by simply typing in your zip code, this tool will provide you with any existing loops in your area.

There is also a community section consisting of forums and groups where you can link with other people sharing your path.

LiveStrong’s free subscription service is quite limited in its features. However, at an annual cost of $45.00, you get to enjoy all the tools and features that this resource has to offer. It also comes with a mobile app.

Visit LiveStrong Now

7. MyFoodDiary – Widest Variety of weight loss Resources and Tools

MyFoodDiary is a great weight loss tool that features a variety of tools that facilitate effective weight loss.

Under the “Food Log” section, you will be able to search for the ideal foods for you and add them to your food diary. After selecting a food, you have the ability to adjust its serving size to match your desired calories. Here, you will also find the nutrition facts for any food that you search for.

My Food Diary: Weight Loss Resources

Under ‘Exercise Log,’ you can find various types of exercises as well as the number of calories that they burn in a given period. This allows you to customize an activity routine that suits your weight loss goals best.

In the” Forum” section, you will find discussions across a wide variety of topics, with other users sharing their experiences.

MyFoodDiary also has a resources section containing various weight management tools. These include a BMI and ideal weight calculator, as well as menu plans and expert advice.

This resource comes with a 7-day free trial period and a subscription fee of $9 per month. It has a mobile phone app as well.

Visit MyFoodDiary Now

8. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a resource that is full of excellent diet and exercise advice. This website has an extensive food database where you can search for ideal foods to facilitate your goals. In the exercise section, you will find a wide array of exercises and activities that not only help you to lose weight, but also strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular system as well.

MyFitnessPal: weight Loss AppThe ‘Report’ section has a variety of tools to help you track your progress and manage your weight. These include tools such as BMR, BMI, and Heart Rate Calculator.

There is also a community section containing forums where you can join discussions on a variety of topics.

MyFitnessPal is free and also has an app for mobile devices.

Visit MyFitnessPal Now

9. SparkPeople

With over 9 million members, SparkPeople is arguably the most popular of all weight loss resources. This website comes with a variety of tools and features, such as a calorie counter, personalized fitness and diet plans, exercise videos and demos, a workout tracker, and posts from professionals such as trainers and dieticians.

Under the ‘MyTrackers’ section, you can follow your weight, fitness, and nutrition progress. This feature is easy-to-use as it comes with video tutorials. There is also an information button at the top of each page in case you need more help.

SparkPeople Weight loss Resources

The “Nutrition Tracker” allows you to find the best foods for your goals, and even recommending the best serving sizes for your macros. If you are having problems figuring out what to eat, select ‘Show meal Plans’ for custom menus. These menus even come with grocery lists!

The “Report” section gives you feedback on your progress.

This resource also has a community section where you can meet other users. SparkPeople is free and comes with a mobile app.

Visit SparkPeople Now

10. WebMD Food & Fitness Planner

The WebMD Food & Fitness Planner is arguably the most comprehensive weight loss tool in the game.

To use this tool, you will first have to create a profile and then enter your goals. This will allow the software to recommend the most appropriate diet and activities for your objectives. Nonetheless, you still retain the ability to search for the foods that you want.

WebMD Food & Fitness Planner

It also comes with downloadable programs containing menus, healthy shopping guides, and nutritional facts. Another great tool in this resource is the “Personal Diet Evaluator” that assesses your weight goals and lifestyle to help you embark on a way of life that is more suitable for your goals.

This resource has an app as well for mobile phone users.

Visit FoodFitnessPlanner Now

How do I Choose the Best Weight Loss Tool for Me?

As the weight loss journey can be incredibly arduous, the best resources are those that make that journey manageable, as well as sustainable. Consider the following when looking for a weight loss resource.

  • Does it offer quality of Information

The reason for most failed weight loss attempts is a lack of knowledge. A good weight loss resource should contain extensive information across a wide variety of health and fitness topics. This information should be practical, in addition to being easy to understand.

  • Does it come with Tracking Tools

You cannot rely on your eyes to measure your progress. Taking a scientific approach to weight loss management is the most effective way of tracking your progress, as you get unbiased feedback. This involves the use of tools such as BMI calculators, calorie counters, and more. A good weight loss resource will have such tools.

  • Does it have a community Section

The community section is where you meet other users of the resource. Here, you will get to know whether the programs in the resource work. As such, always go through these communities to get a feel of what the experience with a particular resource is like. This will allow you to know whether that resource is for you.

Final Thoughts

Losing weight and getting healthier and fitter is one of the best gifts that you can give yourself. Nonetheless, this journey is not a sprint but a marathon. As such, rather than being in a hurry to shed off those pounds, adopt a lifestyle that will facilitate those changes with time.

Weight loss resources are excellent tools to use when looking to adapt to that new lifestyle. They provide you with the best diet and exercise advice, in addition to measuring your progress, to keep you accountable.

Therefore, consider utilizing a weight-loss resource when looking to become fitter and healthier.


How Long Will it take for me to Achieve My Goals?

This will depend on how seriously you follow the set routine. Progress will be faster for those who stay disciplined to the program.

Are there Free Weight Loss Resources?

Some are free, while others need to be paid for. Check out the free ones first to find one with great reviews before considering one that you have to pay a fee for.

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