Losing weight isn’t rocket science anymore, thanks to the diet center program.

Weight loss, though dependent on many factors, heavily relies on your diet.

So, before you throw in the Hail Mary, you’ll want to try out the diet center meal plans.

The program is tailored to attend to particular dietary needs, covering everything from products, special recipes to snacks, and necessary lifestyle changes. If anything, the program promises to make weight loss easier and faster.

Note: Before releasing a product to the market, Diet center puts it under vigorous scrutiny, including nutritional analysis, taste tests, and quality assurance, to ensure it delivers the best.

What Is The Diet Center?

Diet Center logoSince its inception in 1973, the Diet center program helps patients of both genders lose weight fast. The 21-day Diet Plan, Exclusive You, Diet Fast, and Instant Shape Up programs are created to serve individual weight-loss goals.

You can also access the diet center online for consultation and further guide.

To help you achieve your weight loss goals, the team of experts at the diet center offers behavior guidance, food preparation tips, diet center supplements, and virtual support through the diet center online.

The program takes pride in helping about 15 million people attain their weight loss goals since its inception.

How Does Diet Center Work?

The program works closely with professionals, including dietitians who constantly monitor advancements in the nutritional sector to produce the best of diet center food products.

After signing up, they hook you up with a 21-day program and issue you with supplements to prevent weight gain and focus on weight loss instead.

You’ll then choose either daily three- or five-meal plans with food choices to help burn more fats and further suppress appetite. If their word is anything to go by, the supplements also help with boosting metabolism and suppressing blood pressure.

Healthy living, healthy diets

Their special supplement of protein puddings, protein shakes, soups, and drinks and water enhancers lights up your body’s fat-burning ability.

The center then offers you with highly customized regiments tailored to specifically meet your weight loss needs and desires.

Their exciting recipes and guides will bring out the cook in you. Not a kitchen fan? No worries. The program gives out food –  diet center food, to those who can’t cook. Most of these foods are supplements whose results on individual weight loss are impressive.

Members also receive free diet booklets with a special recipe and diet center menu.

Accessibility is yet another catalyst for the program’s success. Clients can get responses to their queries about the program, products, diet, and difficulties following the guides.

The Diet Center Food List

The diet center pills contain the following ingredients to hasten weight loss;

1.   Psyllium Seed Husks

Also called isphagula, this fiber capsule comes from the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds.

Though commonly known as a laxative, psyllium also helps with other body parts such as the heart and pancreas.

Psyllium also helps with soaking up water in the gut, hence making bowel movements easier and regular without having to increase flatulence.

Psyllium Seed Husks: Diet center foods

Had a little too much to eat? Constipation, you say? Psyllium will help with one-time discomforts and overall digestive health.

Psyllium also helps make your trips to the bathroom bearable, thanks to its ability to soften your stool. Just one condition – you should drink enough water. So you finally say goodbye to constipation, hemorrhoids, and anal fissures.

For diabetes patients, maintaining a sound blood sugar and insulin balance is critical. Research links psyllium to glycemic balance.

On matters of weight loss, psyllium helps by absorbing the liquid in your body to form a gel, hence making you feel full. This way, you’ll likely cut down on how much you eat, and ultimately lose weight.

2.   Citrus Pectin

This naturally occurring dietary supplement is a carb extracted from vegetables, fruits, and seeds. Its high fiber content helps in treating such health conditions as constipation and other digestive complications.

The soluble fiber in Citrus Pectin binds all cholesterol, toxins, and fatty substances in the digestive tract hence triggering the elimination of mass formation.

As a weight loss supplement, pectin works to promote detoxification and sound gut health.

Citrus Pectin

Research also links pectin to effective blood sugar regulation –good news to diabetes patients. Unregulated blood sugar levels will turn you into a foodie, having regular cravings and ultimately gaining weight.

Pectin is also involved in metabolism – fats breakdown, hence aiding weight loss.

3.   Artichoke

Artichoke is a common herb in weight loss products and diet center food products. This Mediterranean thistle has been on the limelight for centuries, thanks to its many medicinal properties.

Studies reveal that Artichoke contains potent substances that help with appetite suppression and boosting metabolism leading to weight loss.

Artichoke is also actively involved in lowering cholesterol levels, regulating blood and improving digestion, all of which play a role in weight loss. It further ensures good digestive health by encouraging the survival of friendly gut bacteria and providing relief to indigestion symptoms like bloating, heartburn, and nausea.

The natural diuretic properties of Artichoke makes it a perfect choice for weight management. Research by Pharmacognosy Magazine also links Artichoke to improved kidney function and zero water retention.

Artichoke: Diet center

Natural anti-diuretics like Artichoke are likely to help you lose up to 10 pounds in just one week. And that’s not all; because it flushes out toxins, you’ll lose some kilos too.

Artichoke extract can also help prevent liver damage and help in the growth of new tissue. Regularly taking Artichoke also increases bile production, which helps remove toxins from the liver, even relieving non-alcoholic fatty liver disease symptoms.

Does Diet Center Work?

For maximum weight loss, the diet center plan majorly focuses on diet and lifestyle changes. You’ll learn to instill useful daily habits such as planning and preparedness.

The diet center food list is basically natural and contains veggies, proteins, a fair amount of starch and dairy products. Such encourages healthier and faster weight loss. To achieve this, the program has four pilot diet plans;

1.   Exclusively You

If restaurants and eating out isn’t your thing, and you love preparing your meals yourself, then this program is for you.

The program is ideal for both men and women looking to shed some weight.

When enrolling, you’ll get to find out how many calories you should consume in every meal. You’ll then receive the diet resources, recipes, meal planners, and other materials you might need.

So, how does this plan works?

Fitness: exclusive youThe program categorizes the weight loss process into four;

  • Maintenance
  • Stabilization
  • Reducing
  • Conditioning

This plan helps you with tips to make your workouts more productive, make lifestyle changes, choose better food, and instill healthy eating habits.

In this program, you don’t have to buy food products from the diet center shops only. Instead, local groceries and stores will suffice, except for products that are only available in a diet center shop.

Being on a diet often means the body is forgoing some nutrients. Not with diet center plans, though. Healthy snacking, essential vitamins, and healthy supplements are the norm here.

The supplements will help maintain body sugar at an optimum level and curb hunger and appetite by encouraging protein, fats, and carbs synthesis.

That means your body will achieve maximum nutritional balance. And what’s more: you’ll also get a counselor to walk you to your weight loss goal.

Depending on your personal health needs and weight loss goals, your counselor will also help you come up with a workout plan.

The company also has an excellent follow-up plan. You’ll continue receiving weekly diet and health tips, and also grant you one-on-one sessions with your counselor.

2.   Instant Shape Up

I get it – balancing school, career, family, and other tons of responsibilities is a heck of a task, and you hardly have time for anything else. Well, this program offers the type of flexibility you need.

This aggressive higher protein lower carbs meal plan is versatile, flexible, and offers a roadmap to healthy weight loss.

The Instant Shape Up program features the Conditioning Phase of the Exclusively You plan.

Here, you’ll have three shakes or replacement bars and follow them with wholesome meals in the evening. The meals come in wide range flavors, improved convenience, and are good for weight loss.

Instant shape up

During weight loss, it’s crucial that your body receives all the nutrients it can get. This diet plan gives you food options that will supply you with the required nutrients and more.

You’ll get these chewable supplements and fiber capsules for two weeks.

Usually, a rise in blood sugar levels causes food cravings and ultimate hunger. The fiber, however, will suppress hunger by making you feel full longer. You, therefore, eliminate bad eating habits, reduce how much calories you take in, and lose weight.

There is also behavior guidance as part of the program.

3.   Diet Fast Program

Losing weight is not a walk in the park. Therefore, it’s pretty normal to hear people say that despite massive workouts, boring cabbage soup, and similar diets, they’re not a pound lighter.

Such frustrations could make you give up. Before you do that, you’ll want to try out diet center meal plans.

Replacement meals like pudding, bars, drinks, and shakes are part of the program. Such meals are exclusively made for burning fat, enhancing metabolism, and curbing hunger. Hence, you’ll achieve your weight loss faster.

Additionally, you’ll also get diet center supplements to help with further weight loss.

You’ll also receive a diet kit with a two-week supply of diet center pills, chewable supplements, vitamins, and other minerals. With such products, your weight loss journey is a success.

4.   The 21-Day Diet Plan

A lady in perfect shapeNo, these aren’t magic pills. But, if you’re looking to achieve your weight loss goals in the shortest time, then this program is for you.

The 21-Day Diet plan utilizes protein supplements and water enhancers to act as a catalyst for fast fat burning.

The two also helps to stimulate faster burning of calories, turning them into heat.

Chromium polyinosine in the water enhancer helps to reduce appetite and sugar cravings.

The water also contains hoodia that suppresses appetite and calcium pyruvate – which increases metabolism and fat burning. As part of the program, you’ll need to take the protein supplements, which also eliminate hunger, burns fat, and stabilizes blood sugar.

How Much Does Diet Center Cost?

The similar thing about weight loss programs is that success comes as a result of following the plan religiously, which calls for consistency.

However, the impressive results are costly, and the diet center is no exception. A starter kit will cost you between $500 and $1000.

You’ll pay a one-off 350-dollar consultation fee on the first appointment. The amount caters for;

  • Medical history review
  • Medication review
  • Measurement of initial weight
  • Before photos
  • Guide on the diet protocol
  • Three boxes of food
  • Vitamins

healthy eating

After that, you’ll pay $80 weekly for;

  • Weekly one-on-one sessions for body fat assessment, weigh-in, and accountability coaching
  • Three boxes of food
  • Required vitamins

Some people find it cheaper to purchase the book instead. It could save you some bucks too.

Pros and Cons of Diet Center


  • Possible weight loss
  • Improved general health
  • Diet center products are a remedy to other medical complications
  • Flexibility
  • Instills lifestyle changes necessary for long-term weight loss


  • Can prove expensive
  • Can prove restrictive to some people

Is The Diet Center Program Good For Me?

The diet center program promises excellent weight loss results in the shortest time. The ‘before and after’ photos on their website speak lots of success. And if the tons of positive online reviews are anything to go by, the program has helped many people lose weight.

However, just like any weight loss program, this one could be having its shortcomings too. Therefore, the results of the program could be different from one person to another.

The diet center continues to work to deliver on its promises of healthy and long-term weight loss. The excellent additions to the program show nothing less. Be sure to engage your doctor on whether or not this program is a good choice.

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