Just a quick one – who is your celebrity crush? Wait, Mariah Carey?

It’s hard not to love her, right? Away from that. Let’s talk about the Mariah Carey weight loss journey.

Apart from her magical voice, and powerful lyrics, Mariah Carey has set the weight loss bar high. Here’s to a lady who has managed to maintain a healthy weight for the longest time.

If you needed a little motivation to keep on the road to your dream body, then the Mariah Carey weight loss journey will inspire you. We’ll talk about Mariah’s menu, and what her special secret is.

Sit tight, let’s give you that Mariah body.

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Quick Fact: In an interview with the Us Weekly, Mariah revealed that she works out three times a week. She also confessed her undying love for aerobics and pool exercises. Her workout sessions last for 90 minutes. Mariah also loves resistance training and regularly does swimming pool cardio workouts.

Mariah Carey Weight: Was Mariah Carey Overweight?

Short answer – yes.

Mariah Carey became pregnant with her beautiful twins in 2010. The pregnancy, however, had lots of complications. She even suffered severe Edema – a condition that caused her body tissues to swell due to excess water.

The condition saw her spend the better part of the year bedridden. As a result, she gained over 70 pounds.

Before this, the pop diva had a musical career, marriage, and other engagements that had pressure piled up on her. This only caused significant weight gain.

Mariah Carey weight

What is Mariah Carey Height and weight?

How much does Mariah Carey weigh? 65 kg (143 lb). Now that’s impressive for someone her age, right?

Mariah Carey height is 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm.

So, how does she maintain this? Let’s roll;

Mariah Carey weightloss diet: 3 foods Mariah Carey eat to stay in shape?

The Mariah Carey diet plan is the biggest secret behind her near-perfect physique.

The Mariah Carey weight loss diet plan has Mariah’s three favorite meals. Salmon, capers, and mostly boiled veggies. No, don’t. Please don’t give that look. These foods are super-nutritious and will see you lose kilos in the shortest time.

Let’s dig deeper into Mariah Carey’s weight loss diet plan;

1.      Salmon

SalmonLet’s face it – many people just don’t love Salmon. Maybe you don’t too. However, it’s one of those highly nutritious foods that shouldn’t miss out on your diet.

This fatty fish carries loads of nutrients that will help you fight diseases, and yes, lose weight lots of weight. How? Here’s the thing;

  • Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids – an essential part of any weight loss diet. These nutrients help by increasing the rate of metabolism. The higher the rate of metabolism, the more calories you burn. Hence weight loss. But that’s not all.
  • Salmon is also rich in Protein. This mineral, apart from helping with healing after injury and maintaining healthy bones, also helps with weight loss. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Proteins help by maintaining healthy muscle mass when you lose weight.
  • Salmon is also rich in B Vitamins. The B-vitamins help enhance metabolism. They also help in proteins, fats, and carbs synthesis. And, well, this should fully convince you;
  • Salmon regulates appetite hormones, so you feel full longer. This way, you’ll lose weight and keep it off longer. If you still don’t have Salmon on your diet, then you’re missing out big time. But, meanwhile, how about you start with…

2.      Capers

capersI know – you don’t like the taste. What are capers, anyway?

Capers are Capparis spinosa’s flower buds that are not yet fully matured. So, how did it find itself in Mariah Carey’s diet? Stay with me.

  • Low in carbohydrates. Low carbohydrates in your diet mean the body goes for alternative sources of energy, mostly fat. Loss of fat, in turn, leads to weight loss. Capers have low carbs content.
  • Low calories. Most weight-loss diets work on the low-calorie in, more calories out policy. Capers have low-calorie content.
  • High fiber content. A low-calorie, high-fiber diet is the best one for weight loss. Capers are rich in fiber.

Capers are surprisingly among the most nutritious foods you’ll come across today. Apart from helping with weight loss, they also have tons of other health benefits.

From curing different infections to solving various digestive disorders and helping cancer and diabetes patients, capers are those foods that shouldn’t miss out on your diet.

But wait, what’s the snack on the Mariah weight loss diet?

3.    Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies for weight loss

Fruits and veggies form a crucial part of the Mariah Carey weightloss diet. And, she insists on boiled vegetables.

Most fruits and veggies have low fat and calorie content. Instead, they are rich in fiber – a vital member of any weight loss diet.

They also various antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. All these will protect you from diseases and help you look and feel your best.

Yes – you’ll also feel happier, in case you’ve been wondering why Mariah Carey always appears happy.

The best thing about fruits and veggies is, they’ll make you feel full for longer so you won’t have to eat as frequently as you normally would.

Essentially, a Mariah Carey weight loss diet plan looks like;

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, some bread and omelet would do. Couple this up with a fruit or two, and you’ll be okay. Let’s talk about lunch

  • Lunch

The Mariah Carey diet plan is highly dependent on lean proteins and vitamins.

Let’s have it the Mariah way. For lunch, Mariah loves Salmon and some chicken breast. We could use fish instead.

  • Dinner

For dinner, Mariah loves to go green. Some spinach or any other veggies plus Swordfish makes a perfect combination.

Couple this with your favorite fruits and vegetables, and you’re good to go. But that’s just a sneak pick at Mariah’s menu. How about you make it yours?

Top 3 Mariah Carey Weight Loss Exercises And Workouts You Need To Try

The Mariah Carey workout routine is not exactly revealed. However, she’s given us some clue time and again.

1. Aerobics

Water aerobicsThe Mariah Carey weightloss journey owes some of its success to water aerobics.

She says her water aerobics exercises, apart from giving her the dream body, give her stamina and muscle strength. True to it, aqua aerobics help;

  • Build endurance: as you pull and push your body against water’s natural resistance, you build resilience. The race against weight and gravity while in water will add to your level of endurance.
  • Burn calories: because the Mariah Carey exercises involve cardio and strength workouts against water resistance, you’ll burn lots of calories in the process. Because of the intensity of the workouts, you can burn between 400 to 500 calories. This whole-body workout will have you losing kilos.
  • Improve flexibility: aqua aerobics involves moving in water in different directions as you adjust to the water’s pull and push. You’ll be adjusting your joint’s range of motion, hence maximum flexibility.
  • Adds muscle strength: because of the flow of water in different directions at a go, the resistance in the pool will be higher than that in the air. Your muscles, therefore, become stronger, more agile, and more flexible.

So, bored with the same routine in the gym? Incorporate aerobics into your regular workout routine, and you’ll see the magic.

2.      Mariah Carey Legs Workout

Do you know how to swim? Good. Then you probably know the benefits that come with stroking your legs as you enjoy your swim.

Make it more challenging by trying out some squats while inside the water. These will enhance your stability and make your weight loss journey shorter.

Doing squat jumps and calf raises will also do magic on your body. Yes, water workouts are more rewarding than you thought.

3.      Chest workout

Mariah Carey workoutYes – Mariah Carey has been working on her chest, too.

The perfect way to exercise your chest in aqua exercises would be to do breaststrokes. These will exercise your chest and shoulders a lot.

For better results, you’ll want to go deeper into the pool. Mariah Carey goes for endless laps of breaststrokes to work on her shoulders and chest.

So, why would Mariah Carey prefer aqua exercises? She doesn’t want to miss out on;

  • The opportunity to burn lots of calories in the shortest time hence getting impressive results with weight loss in the shortest time. Or,
  • The chance to burn more fats and lose weight faster. She also prefers aqua exercises because
  • You don’t get dehydrated quickly. Staying hydrated during exercises gives you that refreshing feeling to go longer. Hence, burning more fats and calories. Better still, working out in a pool means
  • You’ll heal faster from joint injuries, even for those who’ve undergone surgery recently. We’re talking the shortest recovery time ever. And, we’ve mentioned this earlier;
  • Aqua exercises grant you the perfect agility, endurance, and balance. You’ll have a better workout experience and even better results.

Mariah Carey Fat Gain: How Did She Gain Weight

From the 1990s to the early 2000s, Carey had just stepped up her game and joined the superstar league.

Her music career was a complete success. With her hits topping chats and her albums registering millions in sales, Mariah was unstoppable.

In 2001, however, Mariah developed some health complications and was hospitalized. It was at the same time that her musical career also started staggering.

Fortunately, in 2005, she made a comeback with one of the biggest albums of all time. Well, she is Mariah, right? Several prestigious awards and nominations followed this in the preceding years.

Mariah Carey weight gain

Forget about her music career for a second. Well, not entirely. It’s during these times that Mariah put on weight. All the pressure that had piled up on her saw her body gain significantly—hormone fluctuations, pretty normal with females.

In 2011, after giving birth to her adorable twins, Mariah also added lots of weight.

All this while, she seemed to be living in denial, or maybe not too bothered about her weight. She even mentioned in several interviews that she doesn’t weigh herself.

Enough of Mariah Carey weight gain. Let’s talk about Mariah weight loss history.

Mariah Carey Weightloss History

Mariah Carey is no doubt good at what she does. However, despite giving it her all, she still found herself on the receiving end of many set-backs.

Among the worst things Mariah has had to endure is body shaming. And, that’s just as bad as it sounds.

One notable thing about Mariah, though – she somehow manages to overcome all this. Her weight loss journey just proved all the body shamers wrong. Stay with me.

Mariah Carey Weightloss

Mariah Carey WeightLoss: 2016

Mariah Carey 2016 weight loss struggles were in the public domain. She had talked about it in various interviews.

She and the businessman James Packer were an item. They were set for marriage.

Speaking about her struggles with weight, Mariah admits to gaining weight, sometimes without even noticing it, saying its partly because she’s muscular.

To shed off some kilos, she says, “I have been pretty consistent with this “bleak diet” that I am on.”

However, she’s never really revealed what the ‘bleak diet’ is and its exercise regimen, and often avoided questions regarding the two.

All this was to stay fit to rock that wedding dress.

But since Mariah Carey weightloss 2016 isn’t the adventure you expected, let me make it up to you in Mariah Carey 2017 weightloss journey.

Mariah Carey WeightLoss: 2017

Body shaming, is that you? Yes, Mariah had it all with body shaming in 2017.

She was making slow moves on weight loss. She wanted to go natural, the Mariah Carey way – Mariah Carey diet and exercise.

However, the online trolls were not going to give her the luxury. She received gazillion hateful comments online, with some of the worst being;

  • “… you’re starting to look like a whale.”
  • “she looks like she can’t breathe.”
  • “She looks like she’s bloated” (commenting about her stomach during one of her concerts).

Mariah Carey 2017What! Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Mean words right there. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

All these got Mariah Carey insecure. This wasn’t the first time she had insecurities, though. She had battled the same in 2011 after giving birth to the twins.

However, this time it could have been worse. Reports close to her indicate she was so insecure, she could label her dresses with tags so she won’t have to know what size she wears.

She decided enough was enough, and she was having none of it anymore. So, she opted for…

Mariah Carey surgery: 30 Pounds after a Sleeve Gastrectomy

September the same year, Mariah was down for surgery. Anything to take off the excess weight.

She sought the services of one of Beverly Hill’s best surgeons.

The Mariah Carey surgery – gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, saw her lost a cool 30 pounds in less than three months.

The procedure works by shrinking the size of the stomach, hence limiting the amount of food you consume.

The procedure also involves activating hormones responsible for weight loss and relieving conditions such as hypertension, that are associated with excess weight.

So, what really happens during the gastric sleeve surgery?

The surgeon makes tiny incisions in your stomach, inserts a small camera called a laparoscope to take pictures and transmit to a monitor.

The surgeon then proceeds to cut and remove about ¾ of the stomach.

Upon completion, the surgeon will recommend specific permanent lifestyle changes that you must adopt. Such include;

  • Chewing food thoroughly before swallowing
  • Avoiding drinking while eating
  • Regularly taking vitamins and mineral supplements
  • Avoiding drinks of any kinds after eating

Because the procedure only involves making a small incision, you’ll recover in the shortest time. And don’t worry, the scar will be small. You’ll hardly notice it.

This was one of those years when Mariah’s confidence was unmatched, thanks to her healthy body and mindset.

If you’re contemplating Sleeve Gastrectomy, here’s what you should know;

  • Only opt for the surgery if you’ve tried dieting and other methods of weight loss but are unsuccessful
  • You should be having a BMI of 40 and above to qualify for the surgery
  • You may go for it if you have a BMI of 35 to 39 with serious weight-related health problems like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, severe sleep apnea, et cetera.

The risks involved include;

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Possible infections
  • Breathing problems
  • Reaction to anesthesia
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Vomiting
  • Malnutrition

What Inspired Mariah Carey Weight Loss

Mariah Carey has no doubt, been serving us weight loss goals with her killer shape.

So, what’s the motivation behind the Mariah Carey diet and other weight loss programs?

Well, we already talked about how body shaming had her feeling awful, and she had to deal with lots of it. There’s more.

Mariah’s engagement with the billionaire businessman, James Packer, has been the talk of the town for the longest time. And, I must admit, the couple looks gorgeous together.

Word has it they are soon walking down the aisle on a grand wedding, and as you’d expect, Mariah wants to look her best. I mean, who among you ladies wouldn’t want to rock that wedding dress on your big day?

The other motivating factor would be Mariah Carey’s world tour. With all the activities involved in the tour, she needs to be as fit as she possibly can.

What Tips Can We Learn From Mariah Carey Weightloss?

So, two years after she gave birth to her twins and suffered significant weight gain, even developing severe Edema, something impressive happens. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

Mariah Carey resurfaces with pictures of herself rocking a bikini on an Australian beach. You didn’t see this coming.

After giving birth to the twins, Mariah gave her all to lose weight and get that Mariah Carrey Skinny body.

She assumed the Mariah Carey diet and exercise, and just six months later, she had lost a cool 70 lbs! Yes, you read that right. If this isn’t a major comeback, then nothing is, really.

Mariah explains that of the 70, the first 40 lbs were because of water weight from Edema. She owes the success for the remaining 30 lbs to the strict diet and productive workouts.

Mariah CareySo, what’s in for you? Consider the following lessons from Mariah Carey weightloss;

  • There’s no overnight success in weight loss. The journey could be long. But, a little patience won’t hurt, right? Keep at it, and you’ll reap big time.
  • Expect changes in body weight as you age. Research shows that you’re more likely to add weight as you age.
  • Expect additional weight during pregnancy. Lots of explanations for this, but most studies point to fluctuating hormones and baby fat. Nothing to lose it over, though. Just the Mariah Carey’s diet, and some productive workouts and you’ll be fine.
  • Consistent, productive, and moderate workouts will do. Don’t kill yourself in the gym. You’ll still get fit without overtraining.
  • Don’t be a slave to the scale. Mariah explains that instead of weighing herself often, she depended on how clothes would fit to know if she made any progress. You’re more likely to get demoralized if you keep checking how much weight you’ve lost.
  • The success of your weight loss journey largely depends on your diet. No, I’m not talking about crazy starvation diets and cleanses, I’m talking about nutritious diets filled with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins.
  • Aim at achieving the fittest version of you. Wanting to be fit like another person will only turn out depressing.

It’s never too late to lose weight and get that dream body. Young? Yeah, perfect time. Old, over 40 maybe? You can still shed it off. No babies? It’s even easier. Had a few babies? You can still lose lots of weight.

The bottom line is: you can always lose weight irrespective of age or other underlying circumstances. Just some effort, and you’ll have the Mariah Carey skinny body to rock that bikini.

Mariah Carey Then and Now

Okay, you already know the story. But, let me just take you through again, so it sticks. Let’s start with Mariah Carey then.

Well, the super singer went through the toughest of times. She was overweight, and despite trying to be good with it, she just couldn’t. And people wouldn’t let her be.

She, in turn, had lots of insecurities, and she admitted this in many interviews.

Mariah Carey Weightloss: Before and after

During her pregnancy, she secretly battled body image. She admits that she was so insecure about how she looked that she couldn’t let her then-husband, Nick Cannon see her while entirely naked.

So, what about Mariah Carey now? Glad you asked.

Phew! The Mariah Carey weightloss diet and exercises finally paid off. Mariah lost a significant amount of weight in a short period.

In her 40s, Mariah looks younger than ever. Her finer figure and trimmer waist are things we can’t afford to overlook.

How Do I lose weight like Mariah Carey?

Glad you asked.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Mariah Carey could access excellent weight loss programs like the Jenny Craig diet, which helped her lose over 70 pounds of baby fat after delivering the twins.

Mariah can also access top-notch personal trainers, nutritionists, and other professionals.

But you can’t afford all of that. Not a reason to give up, though. You can still adopt a healthy lifestyle and stick to it permanently.

Make lean proteins, fruits, and veggies part of your diet. Add whole-grain cereals, too. Other tips that’ll help you have that Mariah Carey weight include;

  • Instead of big meals, eat smaller portions throughout the day
  • Processed foods? Not a chance. These will only make you gain more weight
  • Soup is a game-changer in weight loss. Take lots of it
  • Moderation is critical. Ensure there is no too much of anything. Workouts, food shouldn’t be too much
  • Added sugars are a no-go zone. These will rob you of your energy and cost you significant weight gain
  • Make workouts a part of you, not to lose a preset amount of weight, but to look and feel better.
  • Avoid alcohol if you can. A little wine once in a while won’t hurt, though.
  • Drink lots of clean water too

In a nutshell: Go for low-carb, high-protein, and zero-sugar diet. Engage in productive workouts and develop a calm mental state, and you’ll see the magic.

Final word

Mariah Carey has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She’s enjoyed massive success in her musical career, and inspired many, not only with her music but with the Mariah Carey weightloss journey, too.

Compare Mariah Carey then and now and you’ll notice the big change in her weight. She was able to rise against body shaming and the psychological torture that comes with the same.

A nutritious diet, productive workouts, a positive mindset, and moderation have helped her a lot. Patience, too. Mariah is living proof that keeping fit is possible. Just some effort and discipline, and you’ll be good. You can achieve that Mariah body. Go for it.

Enough of your celebrity crush. How about you, struggling with weight loss? Tried out some successful tips? Let me know in the comments.


How much does Mariah Carey weigh?

Mariah Carey current weight is 65 kg (143 lb). This is considered healthy for someone her age.

What led to Mariah Carey weight gain?

Lots of things. Mariah’s once successful musical career had started crumbling down her. She also had problems with her then-husband leading to a break-up. All these piled pressure on her and made her add lots of weight. She was diagnosed with Edema that saw her add more weight due to different body parts being filled with water. We can’t also ignore the fact that her hormonal imbalance during these uncertain times could have made Mariah Carey overweight.

Was Mariah Carey fat because of pregnancy?

Not entirely, but, yes, pregnancy was one of the reasons. Mariah Carey had already put on weight before the pregnancy. However, the pregnancy came with baby fat, which is entirely normal with expectant women. During this period, she also couldn’t work out, and that could have caused significant weight gain. After giving birth, she also developed severe Edema and was bedridden for a while, leading lots of weight gain. Mariah delivered her twins through C- section. She couldn’t work out after the surgery until sometimes later. Hence she put on extra weight.

What is Mariah's menu made up of?

Mariah Carey is on a zero-sugar and high-protein diet. She eats lots of proteins – mainly capers and Norwegian Salmon. These give her body the energy it needs to go about day-to-day activities, including her 90-minute workout sessions. Scrapping off added sugar from her diet means she’s eliminated sweets, chocolates, or any other forms of artificial sugar. She instead goes for fruits such as blueberries and mangoes to beat the cravings. Mariah also works on a zero-carb diet. She instead does veggies. Such supplies her body with enough proteins and fiber, which are essential for weight loss.

Did the alleged Mariah Carey surgery really happen?

Yes. Mariah Carey underwent gastric sleeve surgery in September 2011, a few months after giving birth to her twins in Beverly Hills. She did so to remove excess stomach fat and reduce the stomach size hence reducing the amount of food she eats. Judging from the pictures of Mariah Carey before surgery, the procedure worked. By November the same year, she’d lost a lot of weight. Pics of Mariah Carey before and after the surgery will have you running to your doctor.

What is the workout routine for Mariah Carey legs?

For her legs, Mariah Carey works out on six-inch heels and fishnets. I know, sounds impossibly hard. And, heels aren’t your thing, and you hardly walk straight when you put them on. Well, you’ll have to train yourself, if you’re to be on the Mariah Carey legs workouts. She also trains in her stilettos. Such is good for building muscles and resistance. They’ll get you burning more fat.

















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