If you’re into weight loss, then you’ve probably heard of Modifast diet.

This Netherlands based product is behind Modifast pudding and such meal replacements as shakes and cereals.

And like many other popular diet programs, Modifast program is a low-calorie diet.

So, what really is Modifast? Does it help in weight loss? Are there risks involved? Find out this, and much more. Let’s roll.

And who said diets have to be boring? The shakes come in various flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, banana, orange, and strawberry. Musli – the cereal, comes in cinnamon-apple and strawberry flavors.

What is Modifast Diet?

Modifast program is the product of Meerburg Pharmacy, a division of Meerburg Apotheek – a Netherlands-based firm.

According to the firm, every three packets of the Modifast products contain about 500 calories and many more essential nutrients.

Modifast diet review

The protein-based diet contains vitamins and other crucial minerals that make up a full, healthy meal. The Modifast drinks, as part of the diet, also help with weight loss without any effects on your general performance or reducing your muscle mass.

So, how does it work?

Proteins are crucial in weight loss, Modifast knows that hence their high-protein low-calorie diet approach.

The diet plan involves consuming lots of proteins and fats. You then allow the body to supplement the missing energy with fat from the fat reserves, hence weight loss.

The Modifest Diet has three parts – phases A, B, C, which you follow according to your schedule.

  • Phase A: Involves first selecting your preferred Modifast meal replacement thrice a day. Couple this up with at least two liters of water and other calorie-free drinks, and you'll be good to go. The phase promises 1 to 4 kilos off weekly.
  • Phase B: In this phase, you'll continue with the meal replacement. You'll then slowly add exclusive meals to your diet. Your doctor should help you choose which meals to add back.
  • Phase C: This is the most challenging phase. You eventually stop using meal replacements. There are no specific guidelines on how to prevent weight regain after this phase.

The program should take eight weeks. However, there is no set period for each phase. The first two would take the longest, though.

How much Does the Modifast Diet Cost?

Don't hold your breath; the Modifast diet won't cost you an arm and a leg. A box containing nine milkshake replacements goes at around $40.

The 15-day combo costs slightly less than $100 while a three-month supply goes at slightly above $1000. Visit their website for more accurate rates.


modifast weight loss program

What are the risks involved?

  • Too low calories: a very low-calorie diet plan, though suitable for weight loss, could cause some health problems. Because the body loses weight abruptly, you might experience headaches, dry skin, dizziness, cold intolerance, and constipation.
  • Weight regain: The diet plan doesn't advise on the meals or the lifestyle to adopt to avoid gaining back the lost weight.
  • Overreliance on Meal replacements: These packaged meals will change your diet with certain restrictions. However, upon completion, Modifast diet plan won't teach you how to crawl back to your regular diet and continue eating healthy. Successful weight loss involves a lifetime lifestyle and dietary changes. A fallback could delay success and take you back to where you started.
  • The diet eliminates certain food groups such as dairy. You, therefore, are supposed to source eliminated nutrients such as vitamin D and Calcium elsewhere, so you don't miss out on their nutritional value.

What we like:

  • Helps burn calories
  • Can help with weight loss
  • Different flavors of supplements
  • Highly flexible diet
  • Helps with weight loss

What we don't like:

  • Could prove expensive
  • Could prove boring if you don’t like any of the available flavors

Is Modifast Good For People With Conditions?

  • Diabetes: Modifast diet plan, just like other meal replacement plans, can aid in blood sugar control in diabetic patients. Careful, though. Drastic reduction in your food intake could see you ending up with an overly low blood sugar Work closely with your doctor to help watch your blood sugar level.
  • Modifast diet plans could help improve conditions of heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol Losing weight could significantly improve the conditions of these patients, even eliminating overreliance on medicine. Engage your doctor before settling for any diet plans.

Final Word

The weight loss journey is an intimidating one yet crucial. It involves changes, not only in your diet but your general health and lifestyle too. How strictly you implement these changes will determine your level of success.

Switching to meal supplements is such a necessary change. The Modifast diet plan is such a supplement. And, yes, it bears impressive results in weight loss.

This low-calorie high-protein diet plan has proven a high level of effectiveness in helping, especially overweight and obese individuals, lose weight. The diet plan also helps with other medical conditions.

This three-phase stage will start showing good results in as early as the first week. However, the extremely low levels of calories could leave you with abnormally low energy levels and consequent side effects.

In such cases, though difficult, regular, productive exercises will help you stick to the diet and keep off the extra kilos.

Like in the case of other meal supplement diets, it's crucial that you involve your doctor before settling for the diet. Doing so is even critical if you have underlying medical conditions.

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